“Ningyocho” is popular for Japanese sweets “ningyoyaki”. These days just plane ningyoyaki(no filling type) is getting popular.

“Yanagiya” where sells Taiyaki has been always popular because of the perfect sweetness, not too sweet. If I have one in the other shop, that makes me full but this taiyaki doesn’t make me full I don’t know why.

yanagiya_taiyakiIt’s been 100 years since they opened in 1916. The rhythm of the cook bakes Taiyaki  hasn’t been changed. I know I’m in Ningyocho whenever I hear the sound.

Because of  Japanese drama “Shinzanmono”, this place is located so there is alyways line for 10-20 minutes. Wow.

The perfect sweet ice cream is also good.



Report of Ningyocho