Oita prefecture is the best onsen (hot springs) place in Japan.
This PR movie titled “Shinfuro” has been made by Oita prefecture with the concept of “No.1 Onsen Prefecture”.

This movie shows Olympians perform synchronized swimming in the hot springs and it became huge in Japan.

What kind of place is Oita prefecture?

Oita prefecture is located in the East of Kyushu region, and famous for hot springs.
The natural hot springs resources are used for not only bathing. It is used in many ways such as medical purpose, beauty treatments, food culture, and the geothermal power of the springs are used for cultivation.

Access to the center of Oita prefecture

Arriving by bus or taxi:

Approximately 1 hour from Oita airport to the center of Oita city

3 Must-see Spots to Visit When Visiting Oita Prefecture

Beppu Onsen
Beppu Onsen is one of the best hot spring places in Japan. There are many restaurants, bars and Izakaya where you can enjoy the local food around Beppu station. Also Kannawa Onsen, another famous hot spring spot, is close and where you should try Jigoku-mushi that is steamed food with hot spring vapor. Beppu is famous for Jigoku-meguri that is 9 hotspring sightseeing spots.

Yufuin Onsen
Yufuin Onsen is also as famous as Beppu Onsen for hot springs and known as No.1 in Kyushu region. Since is popular for sightseeing as well, the neighborhood is lively.

Harashiri falls
It is listed Japan’s 100 falls and 100 of Scenery in Oita.
The falls were made 90000 years ago because of pyroclastic flow of volcanic eruption of Aso mountain.

3 Must-eat Dishes to Order When You Visit Oita prefecture

Oita is also famous for fresh seafood such as Seki-saba and Seki-aji(Horse mackerel and Chub mackerel). Of course Sushi and Sashimi are must-eat but Oita has original Sashimi-like dish called “Ryukyu” which is marinated raw fish with soy sauce, ginger, mirin(sweet rice wine for cooking), sesame seed and more. It tastes really good!

Tori-ten is chicken tempura known as local food of Oita. It’s totally different from Karaage(Japanese fried chicken) and fried chicken.

Especially when you visit Beppu, Jigoku-mushi is a must-eat. It’s a hot spring steamed food. You can steam anything yourself such as meat, vegetable, seafood and eggs. It’s tasty and healthy.

3 Must-get Souvenirs to Buy When Visiting Oita Prefecture

Kabosu kosho
It’s spicy paste made with pepper and Kabosu which is sour citrus which is most produced in Oita prefecture. It makes any food like grilled, deep fried, hot pot and/or anything a bit nice and spicy flavor!

Jigoku-mushi purin
Caramel custard version of Jigoku-mushi which is very popular local dessert in Beppu.

Nazo-no Tori-ten Senbei
This is Tori-ten flavored cracker. It goes well with beer too.

The Dialect of Oita

Ange konge … here and there
Erashi … adorable
Kedai … Very hard or very tiring

If you are looking for good onsen place, why don’t you visit Oita prefecture?

Oita Prefecture official tourism information site