The promotional video called “Shima & Toshi Dual” (Dual Island & City) takes a light-hearted look at a spousal showdown over moving, played by the talented actors, Taiga and Erika Toda.

They want to live in the countryside for the children, but are worried about their future schooling.

They want to start a business in regional city with a good environment, but is there a market?

They want to solve their living dilemma, but can’t quite abandon the convenience of urban living.

There are probably many couples with similar worries.

The cities of Kobe, Ashiya, Awaji and Sumoto in Hyogo Prefecture offer those hesitant to move to a regional city the chance to enjoy a considerably high standard of living.


Shima & Toshi Dual

“Shima & Toshi Dual” is about a new lifestyle offered by the cities of Kobe, Ashiya, Awaji and Sumoto in Hyogo Prefecture, which have become more convenient to get around since the opening of the Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge.

While living in a refined modern city, residents can enjoy the vast surrounding nature at the weekend, and while living in a rural area surrounded by the sea and mountains, they can work in the city and access a high-level schooling environment. Thus, these cities offer a considerably high standard of living.


Attractions of Kobe City

Kobe beef is one of the three major wagyu beef brands in Japan!

The “Kobe beef brand” only applies when the breeding cattle, Tajima beef, which was developed in Hyogo Prefecture, meets a certain standard. Also named “Kobe-niku” (Kobe meat) and “Kobe-gyu” (Kobe beef), this breed of cattle is stamped with a Chrysanthemum-shaped seal called “nojigiku” to prove it is Kobe beef.

Kobe “KIITO” is a design and creative center in Kobe.

Kobe is aiming to be more creative throughout the city. “KIITO” is a hub of this creative output. As an environment to create designs and ideas, KIITO is located in a building once used as a silk conditioning house. This building acts as a city-run creative hub equipped with studios, cafes, galleries, and so on.

The Nada under-viaduct area is buzzing!

The space under the Nada viaduct has been brightly transformed into an area housing a variety of stores such as a trendy furniture store, leather-goods studio, second-hand clothes store, and gym.

Don’t forget to take a stroll around the Nada under-viaduct area when you come to Kobe!


Attractions of Ashiya City

School lunches at public elementary schools are delicious!

School lunches at Ashiya City are so good that a book about them has been published. Ashiya City is aiming for better food education through its handmade school lunches favoring the best local ingredients. This is peace of mind when selecting a school for your children.

Rows of trendy cafes!

Ashiya City is dotted with delicious sweets stores and trendy cafes. One of the attractions of this city is being able to buy genuinely delicious coffee every day.

Townscape of plentiful parks and greenery!

To support an environment suited to raising children, Ashiya City provides a wealth of public parks. At a public park with a vast artificial beach, visitors can have a picnic, take a stroll or even play beach volleyball. The near proximity of the sea and mountains is also a feature.


Attractions of Awaji City

Enjoy the sea’s bounty straight from Kariya fishing port!

Awaji has always had a bustling fishing industry. Local fishermen have chiefly used the trawling fishing method to bring fresh fish to peoples’ tables. Visitors can experience net fishing firsthand, so why not give it a try?

The multi-purpose facility, “Nojima Scuolar”, where you can enjoy the attractions of Awaji

Using a closed down elementary school building, this multi-purpose facility allows visitors to fully enjoy the nature, art and food of Awaji. It features a market, restaurant, and barbecue terrace among other attractions.

Scenery overlooking the island’s abundant nature

Another attraction of this city is the vast coastal scenery that hits you when crossing the Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge from Kobe City to Awaji City.


Attractions of Sumoto City

Be entranced by the picturesque hot spring scenery of the “Hotel New Awaji”

This hotel is situated in the perfect location to overlook the Kitan Channel and Osaka Bay from any room. The stunning view enjoyed from either of the two spa types will captivate you anytime of the day.

Rakutogama: featuring an old Japanese house-style cafe

Rakutogama is a studio where pottery artists work with clay from Awaji. Opposite the studio there is a combined gallery and cafe. Utensils provided at the cafe were of course produced at Rakutogama.

Sumoto Honmachi shopping arcade

At the lively Sumoto Honmachi shopping arcade, visitors can enjoy the fresh seafood of Sumoto City at a reasonable price, so while chatting with the locals enjoy a nighttime trip.


Why not visit these four cities and check out their many other attractions?