Lured by the attractions of Toyama, the city detective Pero Rich moves to Toyama City and investigates the prefecture’s places of interest. The promotional video comes in various episodes.

Needless to say, Pero Rich thoroughly introduces us to Toyama Prefecture and the many people charmed by it.


What kind of place is Toyama Prefecture?

It is located on the Japan Sea side, right in the center of Japan. Toyama Bay is a treasure trove of seafood that plunges to a depth of 1,000m while the Tateyama mountain range in the Northern Alps consists of 3,000m-high mountains. Thus, Toyama Prefecture boasts magnificent nature with a 4,000m difference in elevation. By promoting compact town-making centered on public transport without excessive reliance on cars, Toyama is striving to be a city where even older people can live in comfort.


Getting to Toyama Prefecture

Coming by car / Takes about 20 minutes from Toyama interchange on the Hokuriku Expressway to the Toyama city area (Toyama train station area)

Coming by air / Takes about 1 hour 30 minutes from Haneda Airport to Toyama Airport and then onto the Toyama city area (Toyama train station area)

*Coming by bus from Toyama Airport

Coming by train / Takes about 2 hours from Tokyo Station to Toyama city area (Toyama train station area)


Three must-go places when you come to Toyama Prefecture!

Toyama Kirari

Artistic-looking multi-purpose facility designed by the world-famous architect, Kengo Kuma. Inside this facility are the “Toyama Glass Museum” and the “Toyama City Public Library”. The glass museum permanently exhibits impressive installations (spatial art) produced by the studio of Mr. Dale Chihuly, a leading figure in contemporary glass art.

Iwase town tours

Iwase flourished as a port town for cargo ships that sailed the Japan Sea from the early Edo period. The town now has a historical look with its rows of shipping agent buildings built during the early Meiji period, the golden era of the east-to-west sea route.

Foot of the Tateyama mountains

In the middle of mother nature looking up at the Tateyama mountain range, visitors can enjoy a wide range of outdoor leisure activities such as trekking, paragliding, zip-lining, which consists of using a pulley suspended on wire tied onto somewhere inside a forest to slide down a hill, and forest therapy.


Three must-eat dishes when you come to Toyama!


Called a natural fish-preserve, Toyama Bay is a treasure trove of marine resources. Of the 800 types of fish distributed around the Japan Sea, about 500 can be found in Toyama Bay. In the city center, there are many sushi restaurants where you can enjoy the delicious taste of fresh fish. There are many restaurants located along the tram line that runs through central Toyama City, so they are easy to find.

Black ramen noodles

This dish is said to have originated during the post-war recovery period when the restaurant owner struck on the idea of providing a rich-flavored ramen noodle dish served with plentiful slices of barbecued pork as a rice side dish. This rich ramen dish would provide laborers working in central Toyama with the stamina to perform their work. Each restaurant has its own distinct flavor, so visitors can eat and compare various types of “Toyama Black”.

White shrimp

Called the “jewel of Toyama Bay” because of its transparent pink-colored mystical appearance. Having an elegantly sweet flavor, this white shrimp is prepared in various ways such as sashimi, sushi and deep-fried. Specialized fishing of this white shrimp only takes place in Toyama Bay!


Three must-buy souvenirs when you come to Toyama!


The long-loved traditional dish of masu-no-sushi (pressed trout sushi) is a favorite Toyama souvenir. More than 30 stores in Toyama City make masu-no-sushi, and each differ in thickness, flavor, tartness, and softness of vinegared rice. Enjoy finding the masu-no-sushi that meets your taste.

Yakuto Toyama-no-megumi Shokuyaku series

Toyama has a 300-year history of household delivery medicine sales. Continuing this tradition, a product incorporating sweets, snacks and a “furikake” condiment for sprinkling over rice was developed. It was developed as a “shokuyaku” – a kind of health food containing ingredients said to be healthy since olden times – and as a delicious souvenir that can be eaten by anyone. Each of the contained treats has a medicine-like name and packaging.

Toyama water

Plastic bottle containing delicious Toyama city tap water created from Toyama’s abundant nature. It has won the Monde Selection Gold Quality Award 6 years in succession (3 of those the Grand Gold Quality Award).


Toyama dialect passed down through the ages

Na-an…When denying something

Tsukaen…That’s fine/no problem etc.

Maido haya…Hello, may I come in?

Daite yaru…I’ll treat you


Why not visit Toyama Prefecture and check out its many other attractions?



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