Presented from the perspective of a Frenchman, “N’da-mo-shita’n KOBAYASHI” is a PR movie promoting relocation to “Kobayashi City, Miyazaki Prefecture.” The movie has gathered much attention because of its beautiful and mysterious imagery.


The movie became a topic of conversation as it displays tourism scenes while making viewers think a French person is speaking in French. However, there is a surprise ending when it is revealed that in actuality it is a French person speaking “Nishimoro-ben,” the dialect spoken in the region, and it has contributed to PR efforts to promote moving to Kobayashi City. There are still many people who do not know what kind of place Kobayashi City, Miyazaki Prefecture, is! We wish to introduce Kobayashi City, Miyazaki Prefecture, to these people in an easy-to-understand manner.


What kind of city is Kobayashi City, Miyazaki Prefecture?

It is located in the southwest area of Miyazaki Prefecture in the Kyushu region, next to the prefectures of Kumamoto and Kagoshima. As it is in the foothills of the Kirishima mountain range, at various locations there are many hot springs with their famous fresh water. Kobayashi City is the largest city in the Nishimoro area (a county in Miyazaki Prefecture). Located in roughly the center of the Nishimoro sphere, the city plays a central role in the area’s industry, economy, and other aspects.


Access to the center of Kobayashi City, Miyazaki Prefecture

Approx. 1 hour 10 min. from Miyazaki City urban area via National Route 268.

Approx. 50 min. from Miyakonojo City urban area via National Route 221.

Approx. 30 min. from Kakuto, Ebino City via National Route 221.

(Ex.) Arriving from Haneda Airport, Tokyo

Approx. 1-hr. 20-min. flight from Haneda Airport to Miyazaki Airport, then about 1-hr. 45-min. ride from Miyazaki Airport by bus bound for the Bus Center via the Miyazaki City urban area. You can arrive in about 3 hours from Haneda Airport.


3 Must-see Spots to Visit When in Kobayashi City

Ikoma Plateau
At an elevation of 540m, the Ikoma Plateau is situated partway along the route from Kobayashi Station to Ebino Plateau. With the Kirishima mountain range at your back, you can look out onto the Nishimoro Basin. You can enjoy an unbroken view of the “flower art” of rape blossoms and Iceland poppies in spring and cosmoses in autumn covering the entire plateau for as far as the eye can see.


Ide-no-yama Park
Located in the foothills of the Kirishima mountain range, which has been selected as one of the one hundred sources of famous fresh spring water throughout Japan, the park is also famous as the home of fireflies. A variety of fish swim gracefully in the waters inside the expansive park, and the magnificent landscape and the chirping of the birds have a soothing effect on the body and soul. There are traditional Japanese restaurants inside the park where you can savor fresh fish.


Suki-no-taki Waterfall
At a height of 41m, the waterfall is also known affectionately as “Mamako-taki,” or “Stepdaughter Waterfall.” Concealing a tragic legend of a stepmother and daughter, the Mamako-taki Waterfall is a mysterious spot where you can feel the harshness of nature amid the picturesque scenery.

3 Must-eat Dishes to Order When You Visit Kobayashi City

Miyazaki Beef
One of the brands of the region, this is beef which, among the all the Japanese black wagyu beef produced and bred in Miyazaki Prefecture, has a meat quality grade of 4 or above, as graded by the Japan Meat Grading Association. There are several locations in Kobayashi City where Miyazaki Beef can be enjoyed, and we recommend checking in advance the “Restaurants Where Miyazaki Beef can be Eaten” section of the “Kobayashi-City Tourism Association” website.


Kobayashi City actively breeds sturgeons which are famous for their caviar. Sturgeons are not sharks but freshwater fish. The flesh, light in taste and color, and the skin containing abundant amounts of collagen, and even their heads are eaten and are considered to taste good. Several different types of sturgeon dishes can be enjoyed, including chozame-chirashi (shredded sturgeon sushi sprinkled on top of rice) and chozame-nigiri (hand-formed sturgeon sushi). Be sure to check in advance the website for the “Kobayashi Sturgeon & Caviar Association.”

Local Chicken Cooking
When you come to Miyazaki Prefecture, you’ve got to try the local chicken! Miyazaki local chicken features meat with the right amount of consistency when chewed and flavor that can be savored more and more with each bite. It is a unique and exquisite food item which can be enjoyed after being robustly grilled over charcoal or prepared as sashimi. Among all the breeds of Miyazaki local chicken, the “Miyazaki Jitokko” is produced only on farms which meet strict conditions set by Miyazaki Prefecture. They are considered to be “Phantom Chickens” as so very few are available on the market. If you get yourself to Miyazaki, this is one of the legendary gourmet items you will definitely want to try.


3 Must-get Souvenirs to Buy When Visiting Kobayashi City

Cheese/Daiwa Farm
Located in the center of Kobayashi City, with its abundant nature and surrounded by flowers and greenery, is the Daiwa Farm which operates a dairy and produces dairy products. Covering all aspects of the business in-house, from the raising of cows to production and sales, the farm produces and sells a variety of dairy products which use fresh milk. In particular, it offers an abundant range of cheese, so try a variety of them.

Edible Raw Amazake Sweet Sake/Koji Malted Rice
Located along National Route 268 in the southern part of Kobayashi City, “Kojiya” specializes in koji malted rice. It started off as a rice shop but was revamped as a café selling koji malted rice. Containing abundant amounts of ingredients good for health and beauty, koji malted rice is called “intravenous drip that you drink.” The “Edible Raw Amazake Sweet Sake” sold by “Kojiya” is frozen sweet sake with a sweet taste like sherbet.

Soichiro/Sukishuzo Sake Brewery
Shochu is a clear liquor distilled from rice, sweet potatoes, barley and similar ingredients, and Miyazaki is famous for it. In the Suki district of Kobayashi City, there is the “Suki Brewery” with over 100 years of history. It offers more than 10 varieties of shochu, of which the “Soichiro” brand of sweet potato shochu is highly recommended as a souvenir. It can be savored on the rocks or cut with water and has great reputation of going with any type of food.


“Nishimoroben” – The Dialect of Kobayashi City

This is the dialect spoken in Kobayashi City since long ago and is one of the dialects used in the southern region of Kyushu. It sounds like French and you might want to try speaking a few phrases of this peculiar “Nishimoroben” dialect.

An expression of surprise.

A retort or back talk.

An expression of reticence.

A handsome or agreeable guy.

With all one’s might.

There is still much more that makes up the rich appeal of Kobayashi City, Miyazaki Prefecture. The next time you get some time off, why don’t you visit the fascinating town of Kobayashi City in Miyazaki Prefecture

“Kobayashi-City Tourism Association”

“Kobayashi Sturgeon & Caviar Association”