I heard that there is a good  onigiri(rice ball) place which is basically a rice shop.

Right after hearing that, I got 2 rice balls from there!

How lucky I am!





I got a yaki onigiri (grilled surface and soy sauce flavor and salmon flakes inside)

and sujiko(salmon roe).


The rice is amazing. I’ve been trying good stuff but this rice is one of the best rice I’ve ever had before.


Medium hard firm. It’s just perfect.  The size is good and price is reasonable like 130~150 yen each.


Have some good onigiri of Iizuka rice shop!


Iizuka rice shop

6-1-5 Himonya Meguro-ku, Tokyo

phone : 03-3712-7281

Open Mon-Sat
7:00 a.m.~8:00 p.m.

Close  Sun and holidays