Looking for a good vegan lunch in Tokyo?

“COMMUNE 2nd” is the place you go to!


It is located in Shibuya, on Aoyama st.



As you enter the commune, you will see many cute little food carts!

It reminded me of Portland, Oregon. Maybe it’s because I lived in Oregon for a while but anyways!



There are Sea food, Thai food, Craft Beer, Hot wine, etc.

SOOO MANY different kinds of good food and drinks!!


And of course the Vegan Food!



I decided to order this Vegan Plate and waited in a eating space they had next to the cart.


It was in like a dorm and it had heaters to keep people warm and cozy 🙂

As you may see in the picture above, there were beautiful cherry blossoms too!


About 5 – 10min later…….





It had varies of spring vegetables and some soy-meat-nuggets with rice.

The soy meat was really juicy and for someone like me who is not 100% vegan, it was very enjoyable.



Here is the link to the COMMUNE 2nd:  http://commune246.com


Till next time, stay cozy!