I’ve been looking for a cheap and good yakitori place for ages. Some places where famous food critical writers introduce are too expensive and hard to make a reservation and other cheap places are just okay taste.

Finally I’ve found the one, Torishige in Meguro.



Honestly, it takes 15 minutes from both Meguro and Fudomae station by walk so the location is not that good but once you go inside you’ll see full of people enjoying the food.


These are levers, very fluffy and moist unlike other places (some serve dry levers)


Chicken Sashimi with green onions, garlics and wasabi!   I like the combination so much!


Chicken with Wasabi sauce.  It matches well with drinks.  If you are a wasabi lover. gotta order this.


Meat balls. I love these!


“Nankotsu” is the cartilage taken from the keel bone between the chicken breasts.

These cartilages have a crunchy texture and contains lots of collagen.


Chiken skin which have been grilled until crispy.

To tell you the truth, I’m not a big fan of this but I tried it since my friend says it’s totally different from other places and yes she was right, that was my first time to enjoy chicken skin. I’m so obsessed now!



Different type of Nankotsu(cartilage) with black pepper. I’ve never had this before but love it!

Tomatoes with bacons.  Nice match with wine.

Brussels sprouts which I have never had in the other places and match well with drinks!


The most popular one salted chicken thighs!   Soft and juicy! Can’t describe how happy I was.

LOVE them !!!


Chicken hearts match well with wine.  Thick but soft.  I’ve never knew hearts are soft like this.


I’m just happy that I’ve found a place where I want to come back again.

One big skewer costs 220 yen ~35o yen or you can order a course which comes 10 skewers and soup cost 2800 yen.

I’m sure you’ll be full and satisfied.



4-11-16 Shimomeguro  Meguro-ku, Tokyo


Open everyday  5:30 p.m.11:00 p.m.