Beppu in Oita prefecture where the well known as a great hot spring city, has a local food “Jigoku-mushi”.
Since the city is always covered with steam from hot springs, local people found a way to cook food to steam vegetable, meat, seafood and so on with the steam from the springs.
It is tasty and healthy!

A hotel we stayed this time has a Jigoku-gama (steamer for the Jigoku-mushi) and we could use it for free!
We went for meals many good restaurants and izakayas but we wanted to try it so we got some eggs and did it!









Yes, those are just eggs. Nothing special but were so good!

The hotel called “Nissei-ya” was great and every staff was so nice.
If you don’t need to be served meals at an accommodation, it is a perfect one.
Also we got huge discount and the price was only 5000 yen for a night for two.

We could see the nice view of Beppu-wan gulf covered with hot spring steam.







Nissei-ya Website (Japanese)