Have you ever eaten Takoyaki?
That is a ball-shaped Japanese snack made from flour which was originally made in Osaka prefecture.

We have many grilled food made from flour such as Okonomi-yaki and Monja, and its generic name is “Konamono”.
Takoyaki is one of the most popular “Konamono” as fastfood.
It’s also good option for home party because it’s fun to cook by ourselves.

As mentioned, Takoyaki is originally from Osaka in Kansai area.
I just had a Takoyaki party at my friend’s place who is from the area.

Making Takoyaki is such a piece of cake for anybody, even for kids!
We don’t need to make dough from plain flour mixed with broth and stuff.
Recently we can get “Takoyaki-mixed” flour at supermarket!
Make base dough and put chopped green onions, octopus, pickled ginger, dried shrimp and tempura scraps.
That’s the standard Takoyaki dough.
If you make it home, put whatever you like such as cheese, kimch and more veggies, and then you can make your own original Takoyaki.
Go grill Takoyaki when the dough is ready!
After grilling, put some mayo, Takoyaki sauce, seaweed flakes and bonito flakes on top as the pic below.






You can get cheao Takoyaki cooker around 2000 yen at discount variety store.
Why don’t you try to have a Takoyaki party at home?