Local grandpas were talking about Oita Prefecture called itself “Onsen (hot springs) Prefecture” that enlivened media nationwide. This promotional movie shows us the fascinations of Oita Prefecture with “Shitanyu” (name of a hot spring place). There are so many great food, onsen in Oita Prefecture where has a lot of visitors from all over the world and the number of the international students for the population is the best in Japan! Oita proudly shows us its charms to the world!


“Shitanyu” is a public bath with nostalgic thatched roof, where is located near Lake Kinrinko.
It’s very popular hot springs but you might need to be a bit braved because it’s a mixed bath.


Access to Yufuin

Arriving by airplane:
Approximately 1h 30mins from Haneda airport to Oita airport. 1 hour drive from Oita airport to Yufuin.

Arriving by train:
Approximately 5hrs from Tokyo station to Hakata station by JR Tokaido bullet train. About 2 hour bus ride from Hakata station to Yufuin station.

Yufuin Onsen, one of the best hot springs in Japan where has many sightseeing spots!


Yufuin is one of the best Onsen place in Oita Prefecture as well as Beppu Onsen. There are many onsen places both with accommodations and public baths in the city. Yufuin has not only Onsen but also natural scenic places such as Lake Kinrinko, Mt. Yufudake and more!

Yunotsubo-Kaido is the main street of the city where has many interesting shops and restaurants, and is perfect to stroll and find souvenirs. There is a shopping mall named “Yufuin floral village” where is popular for family. The mall makes you feel like traveling overseas and has small zoo for kids as well.

You can’t miss “Yunotsubo Yokocho” to explore the town. There is a retro street with many shops and restaurants. Also, Yufuin is known as a town of art with many museums.

Must-eat local dishes at Yufu City


“Yaseuma” is one of the popular traditional local food in Yufu City. It’s roasted soy flour glazed dumplings. Also, “Kashiwa-jiru” has been loved by locals, which is clear chicken soup with burdock roots.
In recent years, new local dish called “Yufuin Burger” is getting popular too. It has locally produced veggies, eggs, bacons and the specialty beef called “Bungo Beef”.

Why don’ you taste the new and old local foodies after enjoying the hot springs?


Oita Prefecture official tourism information site