An illuminating, modern take on art

The building as seen from the street: under the sign are the ticket machines, and to the right you will find the information and entrance

Tokyo has many places that are a must-see, and here’s another location to add to this ever-growing list. TeamLab Planets is best described as an art museum, which engages much more than the visitors’ sight. Whilst light, darkness, and colours play a huge role, your senses of touch and hearing are also stimulated throughout the exhibition. Guests walk barefoot, both to feel the different textures of the surfaces, but also due to areas being covered by water.


In this room the water rises to about knee-height; it gives the guests the opportunity to splash around while walking, while also enjoying the changing projections on the moving water’s surface

Five rooms serve as the main attraction, but also the hallways and smaller areas add to the experience. This is a place that also brings out the inner-child side of adults: one room has soft flooring, easy to sink into and lie down to chill; another has balloon-like balls, which you must push and bounce to get through the room, while they also change colours and float up or down.

The balloons were lifted to the air by a vacuum, momentarily making the room much more spacious

A popular room features mirror-covered walls, floor, and ceiling. Chains of light hang in varying lengths and illuminate the room in many different patterns. The display was accompanied by music, which gave visitors a multi-sensory experience. This also made for the perfect place to get many good photos to share with friends and family, or simply for your own safe-keeping.


This open area gave visitors a chance to sit down and enjoy the show, as the lights changed and moved in tune with the soft-playing music

This exhibition is located on Toyosu island right next to Shin-Toyosu station. Alternatively, you can just as easily take a 10-minute walk, following the main road from Toyosu station, depending on which is easier from your starting point. You can choose to buy tickets in advance online or at the building at the machines available; prices vary but are cheaper after 8 in the evening. A limited amount of tickets is sold per half hour, so buying them in advance is a good idea if you have a tight schedule. Visitors are welcomed inside at the times specified by their tickets and are allowed to stay as long as they please when it’s not too crowded.

It is also advised to wear clothing appropriate for the water areas, as well as clothing that covers you appropriately in the rooms with mirrored flooring. There are both locker and changing rooms, so it is possible to bring clothing suitable for the visit, if the weather requires something different.

The exhibition is open until Autumn 2020 but is definitely worth more than one visit.

Find out more on the website or buy tickets directly.


The room being covered in mirrors gave the effect of never-ending lights. This also played a huge effect, when lights moved up and down; definitely something too amazing to not see for yourself!