The city Usuki takes pride in their thickly sliced sashimi Fugu (puffer fish). This promotional video shows us how thick and tasty their Fugu is. Even though Fugu is known for being expensive, you can enjoy it at a reasonable price in Usuki!


There are still many people who don’t know what kind of place Usuki is! We would like to introduce the place in an easy-to-understand manner.


Accessing Usuki

By airplane

It takes approximately 1h 30 mins from Haneda to Oita airport. You can take the Kami Nami High Speed Limousine Bus from the airport to Usuki, which takes about 1h 20 mins.


By train

From Tokyo station to Hakata station by bullet train is about 5h.


Beautiful castle town, Usuki City

Usuki City is located in the east coast of Oita Prefecture, which is famous for soy sauce, and a colossal Buddha that is one of 59 national treasures. This one however, is the most popular to visit!

In old part of town in Usuki is also a must go-to place. While enjoying the old scenery, you can also see a famous soy sauce brewery “Kani Shoyu”. You can enjoy meals and sweets made with miso and soy sauce, at this brewery that is over 400 years old – making it the oldest in Kyushu.


You can also enjoy the mysteries of nature. Furen Shonyudo Limestone Cave is one of such places and is designated as national natural monument. You should also not miss the remains of Usuki Castle during your visit. And if you come in the autumn, it is recommended to enjoy the beauty of the autumn leaves by the Hakuba River.


What is the local cuisine of Usuki?

Yellow Rice

Popular local food in Usuki City is not just Fugu. In Japan, when celebrating something, Red Rice (cooked rice with red beans) is often cooked. But in Usuki for celebrations, they occasionally make Yellow Rice instead. Yellow Rice is cooked with gardenia to make it yellow and it comes with a side dish called “Kayaku”, which is stewed fish, tofu and vegetables, such as radish. Another traditional local food is “Kirasumameshi”. “Kirasu” refers to a tofu byproduct (okara) and “Mamesu” means to sprinkle something on. “Kirasumameshi” is marinated fresh fish with okara, green onions and ginger on top. You can enjoy all these traditional dishes in Usuki!


Why don’t you visit the beautiful castle town that is Usuki?


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