Beppu is one of the most famous cities with onsen (hot springs) in the “Onsen Prefecture” Oita. This promotional video shows you just how well-known the sand bath in Beppu is on a global scale.



The sand bath “Beppu Kaihama” is located on the coast, and like its name suggests, guests enter warm sand instead of water. Here you enter your whole body, and only leave your face above the surface.

Accessing Beppu

By airplane:

It takes about 1 h 25 mins from Haneda Airport to Oita Airport. By express bus from the airport, it takes about 50 minutes to get to Beppu.

By train:

About 4 h 40 mins from Tokyo station to Kokura station by the Shinkansen (bullet train). Then by express bus about 2 h 30 mins to Beppu from Kokura station.


Jigoku-Meguri as the Best Sightseeing Tour in Beppu


Beppu is one of the best, Japanese onsen places, and with more than 2,300 hot spring sources it is also the place with the most in one place in Japan. This onsen city is wrapped in steam everywhere you go, so it is possible to enjoy onsen anywhere within Beppu.

However, bathing is not the only activity you can enjoy. You can join the popular “Jigoku Meguri” (“Hell Tour”), where you visit the many so-called sources of “hell”. Each hell is completely unique in terms of scenery and theme. With places suchs as “Sea Hell”, “Blood Pond Hell”, “White Pond Hell”, and “Tornado Hell”, hell in Beppu is a spot that you must experience at least once. And while enjoying the beautiful nature, you also see the tropical fish, animals, and plants that are thriving off of the heat from the hot springs.


Not Only Hot Springs, but also Great Food

There are many kinds of local dishes in Beppu. Since the city faces Beppuwan Bay, there are many restaurants and sushi places where fresh seafood can be enjoyed. Especially Seki-aji and Seki-saba are some fish types you must try while visiting. Other local foods include:


Ryukyu – a local dish made with fresh, white fish, marinated with sesame seeds, soy sauce, and more.

Beppu Reimen – a dish with cold noodles

Jigoku Mushi – a popular custard for your sweet tooth

Tori-ten (Chicken tempura) is also a famous gourmet food to enjoy in Beppu. Also, don’t miss out on trying Jigoku Mushi Cuisine, where the cooking is done over steam from the hot springs. Everything from eggs, vegetables, meat, and seafood is prepared this way!

Oita Prefecture’s – “Japan’s No.1 Onsen Prefecture, Oita” –  official tourism information site: