The theme of this video is to introduce “the richness of the city Taketoyo”, which is a wordplay with the kanji “豊” (yutaka, hou) in Taketoyo (武豊) that means “abundant” or “rich”. The video represents the many things that makes this city rich, such as nature, events, and even traffic environment.


Taketoyo is a town located on the Chita Peninsula, in the south-western part of Aichi Prefecture. Many factories from varies businesses can be seen along the coast, known as Port of Kinuura.


The last station of the JR Taketoyo Line is Taketoyo Station, which is located in the urban area. In order to access this point of the peninsula, you need to use a Meitetsu train. The famous, Japanese jockey Yutaka Take’s name uses the same kanji as the town, and was therefore given the honor to serve as the mayor of the town for one day.

Accessing Taketoyo

Arriving by plane:

Approx. 1 h from Haneda Airport to Chubu Centrair International Airport. Then about 20 mins from the airport station to Otagawa Station by Meitetsu Limited Express train. Finally some 30 mins from Otagawa Station to Chita Taketoyo Station by train via Meitetsu-Kowa Line.

Arriving by train:

Approx. 1 h 40 mins from Tokyo Station to Nagoya Station by Shinkansen (bullet train). Then about 15 mins by JR Tōkaidō Main Line rapid train to Obu Station, and finally some 30 mins to Taketoyo Station by a local train via JR Taketoyo Line.

Must-see Spots to Visit When Visiting Taketoyo

Townscape with warehouses

Ever since the railroad – which transports goods into the town – was completed, the production of miso, soy sauce, and more have prospered. Today, only a few of the houses have continued with such production, but the still standing, black-walled buildings with fragrant odor are very charming. There are even tours that take you into these warehouses if you make a reservation beforehand.

Machi no Eki Ajinokura Taketoyo Shop

A store that sells products like miso and soy sauce produced by the six breweries in Taketoyo, as well as local vegetables, fruits, and sweets. There is also a dining area, where you can try out local foodx. It’s also a good place to buy souvenirs.

Must-eat Dishes When Visiting Taketoyo Town


If you want to try food that uses miso or soy sauce, specifically from Taketoyo’s warehouses or that are from Chita Peninsula, visit Taketoyo-Meshi. They have many dishes that symbolizes the taste of Taketoro, and have everything from small snacks – like Miso Manjū​ (steamed yeast bun with miso filling) and Meat-Miso Croquette – to fancier dishes – like Hitsumabushi Gozen (a meal with grilled eel on rice), and Taketoyo Gourmet Kaiseki (a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner).

Must-see Festivals When Visiting Taketoyo Town

Taketoyo Fureai Dashi Matsuri

Once every five years, all the parade floats in town are gathered in this autumn festival. 11 floats parade through the city from each district towards the festival venue. The yearly festivals that are held at each district get lively too, but this festival, which is a true giant all-star assembly, is an event that even all the local people look forward to.


While Taketoyo is a town with lots of industries, it is also overflowing with Japanese-like charm, such as the old, important tradition of making miso and soy sauce.