This 360-degree video is about a man came from France introducing Kobayashi city. A lot of scenic landscapes of Kobayashi city are stored, and it is as if you have come to sightseeing in Kobayashi city.



It is located in the southwest part of Miyazaki prefecture, with the northern region in contact with Kumamoto prefecture and the southwest part with Kagoshima prefecture. From around the time of Shimazu shi’s control during the Sengoku Period, it began to call this area Kobayashi. The southwest part of the city is part of the Kirishima mountain range, and there are many mountains over 1,000 m high, including Mt.Karakuni. The beautiful scenery created by the steep mountains has become an attraction of Kobayashi City, and it is part of the “Kirishima Geopark” renowned for valuable natural heritage.

Access to Kobayashi City

By airplane:
It is approximately 1 hour 20 minutes from Haneda Airport to Miyazaki Airport. About 1 hour by car from Miyazaki Airport.

By train:
It takes about 6 hours 30 minutes by Shinkansen from Tokyo station to Kagoshima center via Shin-Osaka station. It is approximately 2 hours from Kagoshima Central Station to Miyazaki Station by express train. About 2 hours from Miyazaki station to Kobayashi station by using JR Nippo Mainline to Kitto line.

Must-go spot in Kobayashi City

It is a mountain standing at 1,700 m high, has a volcanic crater that is 900 meters in diameter and 300 meters deep. Since the hiking course is maintained, you can enjoy the rich nature easily without having to climb.

Ikoma-kogen Plateau
It is a highland spreading at the foot of Mt. Kirishima. In autumn, one million colorful cosmos will welcome you. Besides that, you can enjoy seasonal flowers such as canola flowers and pansies in the spring, crape myrtle and salvia in the summer.

Must-eat food in Kobayashi City

Sturgeon dish
Kobayashi City is an “exquisite water city,” about 75 spring water spots in the city. The sturgeon farming began with the use of its spring water. Speaking of sturgeon, caviar egg is famous, but their meat is also renowned as the luxury food in overseas. In addition to restaurants that can enjoy sturgeon fish meat, lunch boxes are also sold for you to taste at your convenience.


 Must-eat souvenirs in Kobayashi City

Bou Cheese
It is a hot selling sweet of the local pastry shop “Patisserie Hara.” It is a baked sweet, lots of cream cheese in the crispy texture dough with an aroma of almonds.


Cheese Manju
It is known as a souvenir of Miyazaki prefecture. It is said that “Kobayashi shi Kashi Ten” is the original, first shop to make Cheese Manju. Basically, cheese is wrapped in cookie dough, but since there are many different characteristics depending on shops, it seems interesting to compare with eating.


Kobayashi City where you can feel plenty of the blessings of rich nature created by the