There is a beautiful island called “Hoto-shima Island” in Tsukumi City, Oita Prefecture. There are many concrete buildings in the island and those make the scenery like somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea. The island is known for being the deep sea tuna fishery hub.



The promotional movie introduces Tsukumi’s special local food called “Hyuga-don” which is a rice bowl topped with fresh tuna and sweet spicy sauce. It’s an absolutely must-eat dish when visiting Tsukumi City!


The city surrounded by beautiful ocean

Youra Observatory

A peacful town faces the ocean Tsukumi City, Oita Prefecture is a popular sightseeing spot with fill of nature. Especially in summertime, a lot of tourist visit the city to enjoy the beautiful ocean. Takahama beach is the most popular beach in the city because of its transparency water and beautiful sandy beach. If you want to enjoy the scenery by the sea, Youra Observatory is the best place to see the beautful coastline and great nature in Tsukumi. There is a chance to see Shikoku Islands on clear sunny days.


Hoto Island

As mentioned, Hoto Island is also a must-go place! It takes only 25 mins by a ferry from the Tsukumi Port.


Also, if you take a boat from “Tskumi Dolphin Island”, is the facility with the theme of “closeness and healing” between human and dolphines, you might be able to see wild dolphines near Hoto Island!


Don’t miss Tuna in Tsukumi!


Tuna of Tsukumi is domestically famous so you can’t miss tuna cuisine such as Hyuga-don as mentioned above and tuna steak! One of the local food of Oita Prefecture called “Ryukyu” is usually made with white fish but in Tsukumi, they use tuna instead! Of course, sushi, sashimi, tekka-don (rocebowl topped with sliced fresh tuna) are classic, but you can also try something different such as tuna fried rice, tuna noodles in soup, tuna hot pot and more! Find your favorite tuna dish!


Why don’t you visit Tsukumi City to enjoy beautiful ocean and tuna?


“Japan’s No.1 Onsen Prefecture Oita ” Oita Prefecture official tourism information site.