This is a story about a woman who is tired of living in a big city, coming to Shiso city where her sister and her husband migrated. Giving a good picture of life in Shiso city, while feeling the nature of the beautiful mountains and rivers, touching the warmth of people.



Located in the Midwestern part of Hyogo ken, Tottori prefecture in the north and Okayama prefecture in the west. There is no railway station in the city. The forest occupies the majority of the city, and there are many mountains over 1,000 m. There are also clear streams such as Ibo river, Chigusa river. The industries and tourism making use of such mother nature is the charm of Shiso city.

Access to Shiso city

By airplane:
It is approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes from Haneda Airport to Kobe Airport. It is about 1 hour 30 minutes by car from Kobe Airport to Shiso city.

By train:
About 3 hours from Tokyo station to Himeji station by bullet train. About 1 hour by bus from Himeji station to the near the city hall.

Must-visit place in Shiso city

Kurumi no Sato
Campground near Hyonosen-Ushiroyama-Nagisan Quasi-National Park
The size of the campground is about 7.33 acres including lodging facilities, tent area, lawn and ground are maintained. You can also enjoy river activities, such as canoeing, shower climbing, fishing.

Kunimi no Mori Park
The monorail connecting the foot and the top of the mountain, about 300 meters difference in elevation, is amazing, overlooking the mountain nature. In this park, various nature experience programs are available. They also provide forest therapy to feel the power of the forest and heal your mind and body, and you can enjoy it with a guide. (reservation is necessary).

Must-eat food in Shiso city

Shiso beef
Speaking of Hyogo prefecture’s premium branded beef, Kobe beef became famous overseas. Kobe beef is one of Tajima beef’s brands, Shiso beef is also descended of Tajima beef. High-quality beef, raised in rich nature of Shiso city, is loved by many people.

Ayu (Sweetfish)・Amago(Trout)
Ibo River and Chigusa River are famous Ayu fishing rivers for a long time in Shiso city, beautiful water quality, lots of water and their fast flowing stream make ayu delicious. Amago, also known as the Queen of a mountain stream, is one of the special products, each of them can be enjoyed at a restaurant in the city.

Must-buy souvenirs in Shiso city

Somen noodles
Somen, made in the middle reaches of the Ibo River, including Shiso city, is a famous brand nationwide as “Ibonoito”. The beautiful water of Ibo river and Chigusa river, cold weather in winter and moderate drying are the great environments for making delicious somen noodles. ”Tenobe Somen”, all the process of stretching the noodles, are handmade with craftsmanship.


It is a wonderful city where you can enjoy natural leisure in a quiet environment away from