The promotional movie introduces delicious sushi of Saiki City where is a town located in the southern tip of Oita Prefecture. Saiki City faces the Bungo Channel and is known as a town of sushi. A sushi chef who appears in the movie says that the great sushi places are one is north Otaru City in Hokkaido and the other is south Saiki City in Oita Prefecture.



The sushi of Saiki is loved by both locals and people from overseas. The secret of the excellent sushi is because of the freshness of the seafood. So many different kind of seafood can be locally caught. Why don’t you taste the different quality of sushi you have never eaten before?


Saiki City, the makes you feel the beautiful nature

Fujikawachi Gorge

Saiki City is blessed with beautiful nature. So many activities at mountains, sea and river can be enjoyed. If you want to enjoy river, Fujikawachi Gorge would be the best. Not only seeing the beautiful scenery but also canyoning is available. Since the city faces the sea, there are so many activities such as fishing, sea bathing and more can be enjoyed as well.



If you want to see more beautiful ocean, Fukashima Island would be great! It is also known as “cat island” because there are many cats in the island.


Onagara Shonyudo

If you want to experience the mystery of the nature, go visit Onagara Shonyudo lime stone cave. It is the first natural monument in Oita Prefecture.


Not only sushi! Enjoy local food of Saiki


Saiki City is such a blessed place with rich nature among ocean, mountains and rivers. As mentioned, sushi is one of the local taste but there are many great food too. You probably don’t know the wild game meats are good in Saiki city. Especially boar nabe (hot pot) is the great feast in wintertime. Of course you can’t miss seafood. Other than sushi, there are many good seafood cuisine is enjoyable such as lobsters and more. “Atsumeshi” is one of the traditional fishermen’s food which is rice bowl with fresh marinated mackerel or other fish on top. Also, “Gomadashi Udon” is a popular local soul food.


Why don’t you visit Saiki City to taste the delicious sushi?


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