The promotional movie introduces a space science museum called Museum Cosmo Isle Hakui in Hakui City. The museum attracts all the fans of space science nationwide and anybody can enjoy the world of outer space. There are many real things are exhibited which were developed for the actual space exploration .



As the town of UFO, there are many UFO related things can be seen as well. In the planetarium-like theater, visitors can enjoy learning about space development, star chart and more by watching motion picture.

Hakui city is a town of “UFO”

Hakui city is known as a town of UFO. Because there are some legends that UFO had been seen since the Edo period. So the city calls itself “a town of UFO” and UFO shaped objects can be seen everywhere in the city. Also, some restaurants offers UFO motif food such as UFO sweets, bread, curry and more. Find interesting UFO motif food!

There is a museum called Cosmo Isle Hakui which is home to a UFO and NASA space research museum. You can see the real space ships there!


Experience the history from ancient period to medieval period in Hakui City

Myojoji Temple

There are 7 mounded tombs called Hakui Nanatsuka which is a related to Iwatsukuwakeno Mikoto who is said one of the Imperial family in ancient period. Also there are many historical shrines and temples in the city such as Keta Taisha Shrine, Myojoji Temple, Yokoji Temple and Buzaiin, and some of those places have important cultural properties as well. Hakui City is also known as ancient remains and a lot of goods from ancient period were unearthed. You should stop by Hakui City Historical Museum if you are interested in the history.


Original local foodie in Hakui City

The Noto region boasts gourmet food featuring fresh seafood from the Sea of Japan. Popular local food is not only UFO related ones but also Noto-don rice bowl (rice bowl topped with fresh sashimi), Sushi, and Sashimi. Also squid balls, grilled clams, oysters, beka-nabe hot pot which is cooked with traditional rice-bran pickled sardines are popular original local food of Hakui City!


Why don’t you visit Hakui City where is a town of legends and history?


“Tourism Ishikawa ”Ishikawa Prefecture official tourism information site.