In Noto Peninsula, about 200 of Kiriko, the giant lantern floats, festivals are held from July to October every year. The promotional movie introduces how to get to Noto Peninsula and many Kirko Festivals such as Abare Festival, Issaki Hoto Festival, Jike Kiriko  Festival, Wajima Taisai  Festival, Saikai V, Okinami Tairyo  Festival and more.



Kiriko Festivals started in the Edo Period and the largest Kiriko (the giant lantern floats) is 16 meters high!


Many traditions remain in Noto-cho town


Noto-cho town is located in the north of Noto Peninsula, Ishikawa Prefecture where has lots of traditions such as Kiriko Festivals, rural cultures which have a history of 1300 years, and more. Sake brewing is one of the traditional industries in Noto and it is said that techniques of Noto brewers are the best in Japan. Another tradition called “Aenokoto” which is a traditional folk event of North Noto for thanking gods for the harvest, and was registered in 2009 as a World Intangible Cultural Heritage. The gods are invited into people’s homes and treated as if they were really there. As for the demonstration of “Aenokoto”, demonstration is carried out in Yanagita plant park, Goroku hermitage. One more tradition to introduce is “Goita”, is a traditional game from Noto that has been played since Tempo Period (about 1830 – 1844 ). Other than traditional cultures, Noto has many must-see places such as beautiful Tsukumowan Bay and more.


The best foodie of Noto is about “Noto-don”!

Noto-don is Noto’s local Donburi (rice bowl). Noto-don has to have the main ingredients such as the water and rice can only come from Oku-Noto region. So many variations exist including steak don and Kaisendon (seafood bowl). The Noto bowl and chopsticks are from a land popular for its traditional handcrafts and used for this dish in which you can taste the whole of Noto in one bowl. You can’s miss Noto-don if you visit there.


Also, you might want to try “Ishiri” cuisine. “Ishiri” is a traditional fish sauce that originated in Noto-cho town, which is made with only squid and salt. Of course, Sushi and Sashimi are great local food too in Noto!


Why don’t you visit Noto-cho town that has many traditional cultures?


“Tourism Ishikawa ”Ishikawa Prefecture official tourism information site.