The promotional movie introduces the only sandy beach in Japan on which you can drive a car called Chirihama Nagisa Driveway. Hakui city and Hodatsu-Shimizu-cho town in Ishikawa prefecture boast the 8-kilometer-long Chirihama Nagisa Driveway which is popular place to drive.



The best time to drive is at the dusk or dawn to see the sky colored madder red. Also, the beach is popular for sea bathing in summertime.

So many must-see places with nature and history, Hodatsu-Shimizu-cho town

There are so many must-see places such as mentioned Chirihama Nagisa Driveway and more. Also the town is known as the first place in Ishikawa Prefecture where paleolithic artifacts were excavated and there are many cultural property registered remains such as Ishisaka-Nabeyama Mounded Tombs, Sanden-Kanaya Mounded Tombs, Stone Coffin of Kanaya and more. Not only ancient artifacts but also papers, buildings and books from Edo Period remains in the town.

Mt. Hodatsu

The charm of Hodatsu-Shimizu-cho town is not only historical places. You can’t miss natural properties in the town. One of the best scenic spot in the town is the peak of Mt. Hodatsu. You can see the beautiful mountains around. Also, there is a spring called “Oshino Izumi” where is said that Japanese great teacher named Saint Kobo stopped by, and is very popular to visit as a spiritual spot.


The town of Omu-rice


Omu-rice is an omelette made with fried rice topped with ketchup which was originated in Osaka in Taisho Period. Since the chef Shigeo Kitahashi who invented this Omu-rice was from Hodatsu-Shimizu-cho town, the town currently promotes Omu-rice as the local food and called themselves “the town of Omu-rice”. There are many restaurants serve their original Omu-rice such as Omu-Udon made with Udon noodles, Bibimbap Omu-rice by Korean barbecue place, Omu-maki made with Sushi rice by Sushi place and more.


Why don’t you visit Hodatsu-Shimizu-cho town where has historical places and nature?


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