We would like to introduce promotional movies of Nonoichi City, Ishikawa Prefecture which was born in November 11, 2011.



The promotional movies show us locally made sweets, many historical places such as Okyozuka Remains which is a remain of huge village 3000 years ago and National Important Cultural Property Kitake House from Edo Period, and daily life of local people. You can learn how wonderful place Nonoichi City is.

The city of history and culture, Nonoichi City

Nonoichi City is located in the center of Ishikawa Prefecture where has many historical places from Jomon Period. Okyozuka Remain, the remain of huge village in Jomon Period, is designated as National Important Cultural Property, where we can see the part of life style in the ancient era. Togashi Yakata Remain is also one of the popular place to visit, where there was a residence of Togashi family who was the great samurai in Kamakura Period.

Kitake House

Kitake House, the National Important Cultural Property, and Old Uozumi House were built in Edo Period and those houses are preserved as they were. There are more historical places such as the oldest temple remain in Hokuriku Region called “Suematsu Haiji Remain” and more!

The blessed city with rich nature

Kabura Sushi

Nonoichi City is blessed place with fertile land suitable for agriculture and many great farm products are produced. In recent years, Kiwi fruit and Yakon, the vegetable originally made in South America, became the brand new specialty products in the city. Many products made with Kiwi fruit and Yakon such as Kiwi fruit wine, vinegar and more are getting popular for souvenirs. Also, locally made Japanese Sake called “ichi Tsubaki” is getting popular these days. The specialties of Nonoichi City are not only newly made products but also traditional sweets and food such as Kabura Sushi have been loved by both locals and tourists.

Why don’t you visit Nonoichi City where is both new things and history are alive?


“Tourism Ishikawa ”Ishikawa Prefecture official tourism information site.