This video is like a TV shopping program, and two foreigners introduce the attraction of Ube. If you watch this video, you can understand what Ube City is like, place, industry and the natural environment.



It is located in the southwestern part of Yamaguchi prefecture, facing the Seto Inland Sea (Setonaikai). There is an airport in the city, and good access from Tokyo is attractive.
Ube City, flourished as a coal mining city since the Meiji era, will play a significant position in the Kitakyushu industrial area and the Setouchi industrial area even now, such as Ube Port becoming third in the domestic cement export volume. Ube Industries, Ltc., is one of the major company represents in the region, started as development project of a coal mine.

Access to Ube City

By airplane:
About 1 hour 35 minutes from Haneda Airport to Ube Airport.

By train:
About 4 hours 30 minutes from Tokyo station to Shin Yamaguchi station on Tokaido · Sanyo Shinkansen. It is approximately 50 minutes from Shin Yamaguchi Station to Ube Shinagawa station on JR Ube Line.

Must-go place in Ube

Tokiwa Park
It is a nature-rich park centered around Tokiwako Lake (Tokiwako) with an area of about 100 hectares. Tokiwa Lake is an artificial lake maintained for irrigation in the Edo period, and It is designated as ‘World Heritage Irrigation Structure.’ Leisure facilities such a zoo famous for white-handed gibbon and amusement park where you can enjoy the Merry-go-round and Ferris wheel are also popular with families. A large garden with flowers by seasons and outdoor sculpture also enhances the charm of this park.

Outdoor sculpture
Ube City, known as a sculpture town, entertains citizens and tourists with not only sculpture events but also outdoor sculptures in every part of the city. It would be interesting to look for many sculptures that blend into the streets of Ube.

Must-buy souvenirs in Ube

Ono area, the northern part of Ube City, is a suitable for tea cultivation taking advantage of the natural and rich environment away from the city area. It is said that it is the biggest tea plantation in West Japan as they have an area of 70 hectares to grow tea in one place. You can enjoy the characteristics of deep taste and rich aroma.

Must-see festival in Ube city

UBE Biennale
It is an outdoor sculpture competition, held once every two years at Tokiwa Park. At the convention in 2017, 277 works were exhibited from 29 countries, and 18 outdoor sculptures were exhibited in the park. Unique works exhibited in the park surrounded by greenery will create a unique atmosphere in harmony with the landscape.


Although Ube City has a strong image of the industry, the city has rich nature and leisure