The promotional movie starts with one hearty family dinner scene and introduces how fascinating place Nakanoto-cho town is. A daughter got interested in her father’s hometown Nakanoto-machi and they plan to visit there for weekend.



Nakanoto-machi is located in the center of Noto Peninsula, where has Mt. Sekido-san in the east and Bijo-san mountains in the west of the town. Noto’s  “Satoumi Satoyama” (landscape of home sea and mountains) registered Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems in November, 2011. The promotional movie shows us how to get to Nakanoto-cho town and must-see places such as Michino-eki Orihimeno-Sato Nakanoto shop, Goishigamine Prefectural Nature Park, Amenomiya Tumulus Park, Noto Jofu fabric hall, Kofun (mounded tombs) Park Toriya and more.


A town of nature and archaeological sites, Nakanoto-machi town

Mt. Sekido-san

Nakanoto-machi town is surrounded by beautiful nature of Mt. Sekido-san and Bijo-san mountains. You can see whole Nakanoto-machi town from Mt. Sekido-san Panorama Observatory. Fudo-taki falls is one of the most popular scenic place. Nakanoto-machi town has not only beautiful nature but historical places. In Mount Sekido Museum, you can see and learn the history with ancient documents, Buddha statues and more. You can see excavated artifacts at Amenomiya Tumulus Park. There are 36 mounded tombs and the 1st tomb which is located on the top of the hill is the largest circu;ar-shaped ancient tomb in the prefecture. There are more ancient mounded tombs in the town such as Kofun (mounded tombs) Park Toriya, Sugitanigamezuka tomb, Shinnozuka tomb and more.


Nakanoto-machi town is known as a town of fabric

Nakanoto-machi town is also known as a town of fabric from the ancient era. You can learn the history of fabric in the town at Nakanoto-machi town Fabric Design Center and Nakanoto Jofu Fabric Hall. Those are great places to experience to make the fabric and to shop souvenirs.


Popular shopping place both for locals and tourists, Michinoeki Orihimenosato Nakanoto

The shopping place sells fresh local vegetable, meat and fish. Since the place has a small park and dog park outside, it’s popular for locals as well. The shop sells original products only in Nakanoto-machi town so it’s popular for tourists too.


“Tourism Ishikawa ”Ishikawa Prefecture official tourism information site.