The promotional movie introduces Shirayama Hime Shrine. The object of worship of Shirayama Hime Shrine is Mt. Hakusan. Shirayama Hime Shrine is the head shrine of all Shirayama Jinja shrines in Japan. Mt. Hakusan is one of the three best mountains in Japan, and has been called “Shirayama-san” and loved by local people for a long time.



On every 1st day of each month, lots of worshippers visit the shrine for “Otsuitachi-mairi”(means 1st day worship).

Mt. Hakusan is the must-see spot in Hakusan City

The city named after Mt. Hakusan which has Shirayama Hime Shrine, has mentally supported local people for a long time and is the symbol of the city. Mt. Hakusan has a history of 1300 years. Currently the mountain is a popular place for trekking and other activities.


Fukubeno Otaki falls

Hakusan Shirakawago White Road is a famous spot to see the leaves change in autumn and dynamic waterfalls such as Fukubeno Otaki falls and Ubaga-taki falls. In wintertime, a lot of people visit the mountain for skiing and snowboarding.

There are more great nature spots to see other than Mt. Hakusan in the city. One of the best place is Tedori Kyokoku Gorge. You can see the breathtaking scenery there.


Shiramine Onsen (hot springs) has rare spring quality which there are only 4 places in Japan

There is a great hot springs place called Shiramine Onsen that has rare spring quality which there are only 4 places in Japan. Why don’t you visit there after trekking Mt.Hakusan?


Healthy meal with full of natural goodness

Hakusan City is blessed with nature goodness which grown by clear water. The city has made local dish called “Hakusan Hyakuzen” for letting more people know and to enjoy natural ingredients from Mt. Hakusan. “Hakusan Hyakuzen” is a healthy meal comes with some side dishes with local food. Many of restaurants in the city offers their original “Hakusan Hyakuzen”.


Why don’t you visit Hakusan City to feel the power of Mt. Hakusan?


“Tourism Ishikawa ”Ishikawa Prefecture official tourism information site.