The promotional movie introduces Shiroyone Senmaida (A thousand Rice Paddies in Shiroyone) which is a symbol of Noto’s Satoumi(seaside area) Satoyama(mountainous area) that was designated as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems. The scenery of 1004 small rice paddies on steep slopes along the sea side is splendid with many layers with an area of about 4 hectares. Those thousand of paddies create beautiful scenery with Japan Sea! The annual Senmaida Light Up (Aze no Kirameki) is one of the best and most famous illumination events in Wajima City.



The rice paddies twinkle in the darkness with 21,000 Solar LEDs every night from mid-October to mid-March.


What kind of place is Wajima City?

Kiriko (huge lanterns) festivals

Wajima City is located in Northern Ishikawa Prefecture in Noto Peninsula which is known as production district of Wajima Lacquer ware. Wajima City flourished as a lively port town since Edo period where is a popular sightseeing place where has many must-see spots such as morning markets at the port, traditional Kiriko (huge lanterns) festivals, Shiroyone Senmaida and more. The city is tourist friendly city because there is Noto Airport.


Traditional craft Wajima Nuri Lacquer ware that Japan boasts to the world

Wajima Lacquer ware is a world-famous Japanese traditional craft which was fostered by culture and history of Noto region. There are many opinions about the origine of Wajima Lacquer ware but the roots was in ancient era and it is said the original lacquer ware as Wajima nuri was born in Muromachi period (running from approximately 1336 to 1573). The manufacturing processes of Wajima Nuri are over 100 ways. It is done by professional craftsman each process. Wajima Nuri Lacquer ware is strong and beautiful that Japan boasts to the world. There are many shops and facilities such as Wajima Nuri Kaikan Museum and Wajima Urushi Art Museum of Wajima Nuri Lacquer ware where we can try and learn how to make it.

Eat fresh seafood at Wajima Asaichi (morning market)

Wajima Asaichi (morning market) is one of the must-see places in Noto Peninsula. The morning market has a history of 1000 years and known as one of the three great morning markets in Japan. Of course you can shop fresh seafood and more, but you should eat around at the market. There are many small shops such as restaurant serve seasonal fresh sashimi from 200 yen, Wajima Ishiru Senbei (Ishiru is fish-based soy sauce of Ishikawa Prefecture) place, Wajima Cider which can be seen only in Wajima, locally brewed Sake and more!


Why don’t you visit Wajima City to feel the history of Wajima Nuri Lacquer ware and the morning market?


“Tourism Ishikawa ”Ishikawa Prefecture official tourism information site.