This video introduces the charm of Nishnoomote city by a woman move to the city as “The local community development caravan (Chiiki Okoshi Kyoryoku-tai). While covering her day closely, you can see how nice nature and the warm people of Nishinoomote City are.



Nishinoomote city is located in the northern part of the island of Tanegashima, south of Kagoshima prefecture. Both the population and the area occupy about half of Tanegashima. Speaking of Tanegashima, it is famous as a place where firearms were introduced in 1543. As a result of the firearms being brought, the ways of fighting the Sengoku period changed significantly. Many tourists visit in search of the unique tropical landscape, especially the beautiful seas attract people. In recent years it has become famous as a sacred place for surfing.

Access to Nishinoomote city

By airplane and bus:
It is approximately 1 hour 45 minutes from Haneda Airport to Kagoshima Airport. It is about 40 minutes from Kagoshima Airport to Tanegashima Airport. It is approximately 30 minutes by bus from Tanegashima Airport to Nishinoomote city center.

By airplane and ferry:
It is approximately 1 hour 45 minutes from Haneda Airport to Kagoshima Airport. It takes about 55 minutes from Kagoshima Airport to Kagoshima Port by limousine bus. It is approximately 3 hours 30 minutes from Kagoshima Port to Nishinoomote Port.


Must-visit place in Nishinoomote City

Urada Beach © K.P.V.B
Selected as one of 88 best beaches for swimming in Japan, boasting beautiful water quality. Boasting clear water and white sandy beach, you can enjoy swimming in your way in an environment surrounded by forests. It is an excellent place to enjoy marine sports such as snorkeling and scuba diving, not just for swimming.


Tanegashima Development Center (Teppokan) © K.P.V.B

The appearance imaged the Namban ship (foreign ship) is characteristic. About 100 valuable firearms are exhibited both made in Japan and abroad, such as guns that came from Portugal and the first gun that was produced in Japan. It also holds many things that can learn the history, culture, nature of Tanegashima.

Must-buy souvenirs in Nishinoomote city

“Anno imo(Potato)” © K.P.V.B

Only growing in Tanegashima, “Anno imo(Potato)” is becoming a hot topic because of the taste, and now you can enjoy Anno imo nationwide. Sweet flavor explodes in your mouth, You can’t forget the taste. There are many sweets using Anno imo are also excellent.

Must-visit festival in Nishinoomote city

Tanegashima Teppo (Gun) Festival
Held in late August, commemorating the introduction of guns. Trial shoot of matchlock gun, festival float(Dashi), Nanban parade and and so on will liven up the festival. At the end of the festival, approximately 8,000 fireworks color the summer night in Tanegashima.

Nishinoomote City which is the center of Tanegashima surrounded by beautiful sea. In the