Hideki Matsui is a former former major league base ball player who is from Nomi City. This promotional movie introduces Hideki Matsui Baseball Museum. The exhibits are photos of his early years and his professional career both in Japan and in America, his uniforms and more related items.



Places where we can enjoy learning and playing

Ishikawa Zoo is one of the must-go places in Nomi City, where anybody can enjoy. In summertime, Night Zoo is open and nocturnal animals can be seen.


If you would like to feel nature, you should stop by Tatsunokuchi Kyuryo Park which is located in the same area as Ishikawa Zoo. Many activities such as tennis, swimming, taking boats, cycling and more in the park. Also, Nomi Kutani Ceramics Museum where exhibits Kutani Ware that is Japanese traditional craft that boasts to the world is popular place to visit!


Feeling beautiful mother nature


Nomi City is beautiful place with full of mother nature. Nanatsutaki is a name of 7 different waterfalls that are must-see places in Nomi City throughout a year. Seeing those waterfalls is easy and walkable. It takes only 10 minutes to reach Ichino-taki falls on the top. Nomi city has many historical places as well like mound tombs.


Hot springs loved by Kyoka Izumi, the famous Japanese novelist in the Meiji period


Tatsunokuchi Onsen has a history of 1400 years and is known as hot springs loved by Kyoka Izumi, the novelist in the Meiji Period. The hot springs appeared in his novel named “Umi no Naru Toki” (The time the sea rang). There are reasonable public bath with low price and free foot bath and 4 accommodations in the neighborhood. It’s easy to access to Kanazawa for approx 30 – 40 mins drive.


“Tourism Ishikawa ”Ishikawa Prefecture official tourism information site.