This promotional movie introduces Iida Toroyama Festival which is held every July at Kasuga Shrine. The festival started 350 years ago to invite deities to enjoy a cool evening during the hottest time of the year.



The festival features 8 huge floats and the largest one is 16-meter-tall! It is the most exciting event in the city!!


Suzu City with full of natural superb views and historical places!


There are many historic shrines and temples such as Kasuga Shrine, Suzu Shrine, Hojyuji Temple and more. Also, there are tombs of Tairano Tokitada and his family, who is a samurai who died in Suzu City after he lost the battle of Dan-no-ura in 1185. A tour of historical places is fun in the city.


Mitsuke-jima Island



“Agehama” technique for salt

Must-see spots in Suzu City are not only historical places but also many natural scenic spots such as Tarumi-no-taki waterfalls, Mitsuke-jima Island and more. At Suzu salt farm villege, we can try and learn traditional “Agehama” technique for salt production which is the same way as 400 years ago.

Suzu City also has many hot springs. There are many Onsen (hot springs) places and some Onsen facilities has great view of Mitsuke-jima Island.


Experience the Suzu Yaki Ware (a type of Japanese pottery from Suzu City)

Suzu Ware is one of a representative medievalJapanese pottery from Suzu City. The production of Suzu Ware began in the 12 century. It’s a dark gray beautiful ceramic and is popular for souvenir too. At Suzu Kaikan, it exhibits and sells the Suzu Ware. At Suzu City Togei Center, you can make your own Suzu Ware pottery.


Suzu City where Noto’s local excellent food can be enoyed


Suzu City is such a blessed place with a lot of local specialty from both ocean and mountains. Many foodie events are held throughout a year such as Suzu Anko (Monk fish) festival in wintertime, Okunoto B-grade Gourmet Championship and more. Ohama Soybean Tofu and Salt are famous and popular for souvenir as well. Suzu City has good sake and only Shochu brewer in Ishikawa Prefecture.


Of course, you can’t miss sushi and sashimi made with fresh seafood of Noto. Dried fish is famous too. Also, you should try Noto-don rice bowl (rice bowl topped with fresh sashimi). Each restaurant has different recipe with different ingredients. Find your most favorite one!


“Tourism Ishikawa ”Ishikawa Prefecture official tourism information site.