The video advertises Chigasaki City as “just the right” city, which is not a big city or countryside town. The video makes you realize that scenery with sea is ordinary, that there are fancy cafes and restaurants, and that there is plenty of nature in the city.



The city is located in the south-central part of Kanagawa Prefecture, in the Shonan region. The southern part of the city faces the Pacific Ocean and has a mild and comfortable climate. Since the city can easily be accessed from urban centers like Tokyo and Yokohama, it has prospered as a commuter town. Chigasaki City is also said to be the place where surfing originated in Japan. Keisuke Kuwata, who is the vocalist of “Southern All Stars”, which is one of Japan’s leading music groups, is originally from Chigasaki City, and he has composed many songs about Chigasaki and the sea.


Access to Chigasaki City

Arriving by train:

Approx. 50 min. from Tokyo Station to Chigasaki Station by JR Tokaido Main Line rapid train.

Approx. 25 min. from Haneda Airport to Yokohama Station via the Keikyu Airport Line, and then approx. 30 min. from Yokohama Station to Chigasaki Station by JR Tokaido Main Line express train.


Must-see Spots to Visit When Visiting Chigasaki City


Southern Beach Chigasaki

Opened in 1898 and renamed to its current name in 1999. There is of course beautiful sea, but also places like Eboshi Iwa at Uba Island and Izu Oshima Island, as well as perfect locations for viewing places like Enoshima and Mt. Fuji. The monument “Chigasaki Sothern C”, which is modeled after the alphabet C, is famous as a matchmaking spot.


Chigasaki Story Marche

A morning market that is held 5 minutes walking distance away from Chigasaki Station once every two months. You can of course enjoy local gourmet, but there are also products like furniture and miscellaneous goods for sale, that the workers of Chigasaki have put a lot of thought into.


Must-eat Dishes to Try Out When Visiting Chigasaki City


Shirasu dishes

The famous shirasu (whitebait) dishes of Chigasaki include kamaage (lit. straight from the top) and tempura (deep-fried fish and vegetables). A rare dish that can only be eaten at Chigasaki, and which you should especially try out is nama shirasu (raw whitebait).


Famous Must-see Festivals To See When Visiting Chigasaki City

Hamaori Festival

mikoshi (portable shrines) gathered at the west side of Southern Beach Chigasaki are carried into the sea in order. This is done for “misogi”, which is a purification ritual for cleansing the shrines from any impurities. The sight of the mikoshi entering the sea one by one, lead by powerful yelling, is very impactful.


If you want to enjoy the scenery of a town with sea, we would say that Chigasaki City is one of the leading tourist spots in Japan.