The video introduces the scenery of Nishiwaki City with a song. The video features a young man who admired big cities and moved away from Nishiwaki City. Living far away from his hometown, makes him realize how good of a place Nishiwaki City is. Scenery cultivated by the beautiful river, the industry, and the smile of the people will leave you with a big impression.


Because the city is located near the center of Hyogo Prefecture, at 135 degrees east longitude, 35 degrees north latitude, which is the geographic center of Japan, it is also called “the Navel of Japan”. Even though it is located inland, it has plenty of water resources thanks to the three rivers that have supported the city since very long time ago. Cotton fabric industry known as “Banshu-Ori”, which has been around since the Edo period, is famous nationwide. Nishiwaki Technical High School, which is a prestigious school famous for relay racing, is the pride of Nishiwaki citizens.


Access to Nishiwaki City

Arriving by plane:
Approx. 1 hour 15 min. from Haneda Airport to Kobe Airport, then approx. 20 min. from Kobe Airport Station to Sannomiya Station via Kobe New Transit Port Liner, and finally 1 hour 20 min. from Sannomiya Station to the center of Nishiwaki City by bus.

Arriving by train:
Approx. 3 hours from Tokyo Station to Himeji Station by a Shinkansen train, then approx. 20 min. to Kakogawa Station by JR Sanyo Main Line rapid train, and finally approx. 50 min. from Kakogawa Station to Nishiwakishi Station via JR Kakogawa Line.


Must-see Spots to Visit When Visiting Nishiwaki City

Japan Heso Park
A park located at 135 degrees east longitude, 35 degrees north latitude. Within the premises of the park there are many facilities, like Tera Dome, which has an observatory and a planetarium, and Okanoyama Art Museum, which has an exhibition that displays the work of Tadanori Yokoo, who is an artist from Nishiwaki City. Located at the geographic center of Japan is “heso monument” (navel monument), which is something you want to take a picture of.


Must-eat Dishes to Try Out When Visiting Nishiwaki City

Banshu Ramen
A ramen dish made from thin, curly noodles, with roasted pork fillet, green onion, bean sprouts, and nori seaweed as the main ingredients. It looks very simple, but what makes it special is the sweet soup. The sweetness of the soup comes from ingredients like onions, apples, and rock candy. The ingredients are different depending on the restaurant, and as such, each of them has a different color and sweetness level.

Nishiwaki roast beef
A dish that was developed as a brand new local delicacy from Nishikawa City. It is a fancy dish, which is a combination of Kurodasho Beef, which is made from calves that would otherwise become Kobe beef, and colorful local vegetables. One of the characteristics of Nishiwaki roast beef is that each store has its own unique sauce.


Must-get Souvenirs to Buy When Visiting Nishiwaki City

A fabric that is made from plain fabrics, where the threads are dyed before they are woven. The quality of Banshu-Ori is so high, that it is used in luxury brands. It is also highly acclaimed all over the world. Plenty of products made from Banshu-Ori, like jeans, shirts, and miscellaneous goods, are sold at “Banshu-ori Koubokan”.


Nishiwaki City, also known as the navel of Japan, is a great town where you can enjoy food, culture, and nature.