The promotional movie introduces Saikai Festival which is held on August 14th every year to pray for good fishing. It’s a rare Shinto festival that women carries Kiriko, the huge lantern floats.



The festival started in this fishermen’s town long time ago to pray safe sailing and good fishing for fishermen who left home by women.


What kind of place is Shikamachi town?

Hatago-iwa rock

Ganmon rock

Yase-no Dangai

The fishermen’s town Shikamachi town is a resort town with full of nature. There are many scenic spots along the coastline and sandy beach, golf courses, hotels and more.

Great scenic place called Notokongo Coast made by waves of the Sea of Japan

The coastline of Shikamachi town is a famous scenic spot called Notokongo Coast. Notokongo Coast is a part of Noto peninsula national park and one of the most beautiful scenic spot in Noto region. There are many interesting shaped rocks made by waves of the Sea of Japan such as Hatago-iwa rock, Ganmon rock, Yase-no Dangai, and are the art of nature.Those Notokongo Coast can be seen from the sea by taking Notokongo Coast boat.


Not only seafood but also “Koro-kaki” persimmon is Shikamachi town’s local product


Of course seafood in this fishing port town in Noto but seafood is not only local specialty. The dried persimmons called “Koro-kaki” in Shikamachi town is nationally famous. Koro-kaki is made with a kind of Japanese persimmons called “Saisho-kaki” which is perfect to make Koro-kaki. It’s popular for souvenir too.

In recent years, Shikamachi town also offers their original “Nishi Noto Omotenashi Don”. It’s a rice bowl with locally made ingredients. The rice bowl has to have 1/3 local ingredients and another 1/3 has to be ingredients from Noto region with “Omotenashi” (means outstanding hospitality and/or entertaining guests wholeheartedly) mind. Each restaurant that offers “Nishi Noto Omotenashi Don” has different and their original recipe.


Why don’t you visit Shikamachi town to come see the art of nature made by the Sea of Japan and the history?


“Tourism Ishikawa ”Ishikawa Prefecture official tourism information site.