The promotional movie introduces traditional way of fishing called “Bora-machi Yagura” which has been done since the Edo Period in Noto region. “Bora-machi Yagura” is a wooden tower to catch Bora (mullet). No fishermen who used the way of fishing in 1996 but in 2012, “Bora-machi Yagura” was restarted.



Percival Lowell who was an astronomer described the “Bora-machi Yagura” looked like a nest of Roc when he visited Anamizucho town in 1889. Currently “Bora-machi Yagura” can be seen at 3 places in the town.


Shiosai no Michi Road is the must-see spot in Anamizucho town

Shiosai no Michi Road is a 2-kilometer-long boardwalk which is on the coastline, is popular for strolling, running and fishing both for locals and tourists. There are more seeing spots around the road such as Hasebe Shrine, Anamizu Historical Museum, Takarayama Marina which is a small yacht harbor. Also, “Bora-machi Yagura” can be seen at Shiosai no Michi road.

Taking free bus (only Sundays available) called Lowell-go to see around Anamizucho town is the perfect way! You can see around “Bora-machi Yagura”, Noto Wine winery, Hasebe Shrine easily!


Anamizucho town is a small town but full of tasty local food “Maimon”


“Maimon” means tasty food in Noto dialect. In Anamizumachi town, great foodie events are held 4 times in each season called “Maimon Festival”. In springtime, Isaza (white fish) festival, Sazae shell fish festival in summertime, Noto Beef festival in autumn and famous Anamizu Oyster festival in wintertime are held. You should go to the festival to taste the excellent local food!


New specialty of Anamizucho town, Noto Wine

Grape cultivation is thriving in Noto Peninsula. The Noto Wine is made with 100% grapes which were grown in Noto’s perfect climate and is getting popular recently. The taste is fruity and deep flavor that makes the local food tasted better. The secret to make good grapes is oyster shells. Putting the shells in the soil of vineyard gives plenty of minerals to the grapes. Winery tour and tasting are free at the winery. Why don’ you stop by the winery?


Why don’t you visit Anamizumachi town which was praised the beautiful scenery by Percival Lowell?


“Tourism Ishikawa ”Ishikawa Prefecture official tourism information site.