The The promotional movie introduces historical Yamanaka Onsen in Kaga City where is a well-known Onsen (hot springs) place. Yamanaka Onsen is a representative Onsen place in Kaga City. Most of accommodations at Yamanaka Onsen neighborhood are located along Kakusenkei gorge of Daishoji River.



There is a main street called Yuge-kaido Road with many shops of Yamanaka lacquer ware, Kutani-yaki ware, Hasebe Shrine and cafes, where is perfect place for strolling. Matsuo Basho, the most famous poet in Edo period, stopped by Yamanaka Onsen on the way of Okuno-Hosomichi (meaning “Narrow road to/of the interior” and it’s his travel diary) and he praised as one if the best onsen with Arima Onsen and Kusatsu Onsen in Japan.


What kind of place is Kaga City?


Kaga City is located in southwestern Ishikawa Prefecture. Kaga City is blessed with nature resource from both ocean and mountains and hot springs and is popular place to visit. Hashidate Fishing Port is best place to get fresh seafood. Kaga City is also famous for traditional crafts such as Yamanaka Lacquer Ware and Kutani-yaki Ware.


Hot springs tour in Kaga City


Yamanaka Onsen


Katayamazu Onsen

Kaga City is known as hot springs city. Why don’t you visit some hot springs places at Kaga Onsen Kyo? There are many Onsen places such as Yamanaka Onsen, Yamashiro Onsen and Katayamazu Onsen in Kaga City. Every onsen place has a long-time history and many historical personages visited.


Beautiful nature and traditional crafts


Kutani Ware (Kutani-yaki)


Yamanaka Lacquer Ware

Kutani Ware (Kutani-yaki) is a style of Japanese porcelain with vivid dark colors that epitomize lavish aesthetics which has a history of 360 years. There are many shops and galleries where you can see and experience the beautiful Kutani Ware such as Kutani Ware Museum.

Another famous traditional craft is Yamanaka Lacquer Ware which began in Azuchi-Momoyama period (It spans the years from c. 1573 to 1600). It is also a traditional craft that Japan boasts to the world.

The attractions of Kaga City is not only traditional crafts but also can feel beautiful nature. Kakusenkei Gorge located in Yamanaka Onsen area is the best scenic spot throughout a year. You can also try cycling on Kaga Kiagan Cycling road and walking on Kaga Kaigan Nature Yuhodo Road from Kasano Misaki if you want to see the beautiful scenery of Kaga!


Crabs are must-eat in Kaga City


Many different kinds of seafood unloaded at Hashidate Fishing Port everyday. Kobako-gani crabs (female snow crabs) and Kano-gani crabs (male snow crabs) are the most famous marine products in Kaga city. Especially Kobako-gani crabs are more popular because of its eggs and thick taste that Kano-gani crabs don’t have. In recent years, brand new local food “Kani-gohan” (crab rice) is getting famous. Many restaurants serve “Kani-gohan” which is made under the definitions and rules of “Kani-gohan” but each restaurant serves different flavor and dishes. “Kani-gohan” needs to be cooked with a whole crab and comes with 5 small side dishes, seafood miso soup, desert, coffee (or tea) and Kenjo-Kaga-Boucha ( special roasted green tea in Kaga). Also some of dishes should be served on both Kutani Ware and Yamanaka Ware. So “Kani-gohan” is fully enjoyable many attractions of Kaga.


Why don’t you visit Kaga City to enjoy beautiful nature and hot springs?


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