The promotional movie introduces Komatsu-no-mori which was built in the remain site of world-famous construction equipment maker Komatsu’s factory. It’s a popular facility which both adults and kids can enjoy all day. The world’s largest dump truck is displayed in a garden and people can sit on the driver’s seat. Waku Waku Komatsu building, a recreation of old headquarters of Komatsu company, exhibits areas where visitors can learn and try science technologies and structures of construction equipment. There is also a park called Genki Satoyama, a recreation of nature site of Kaga Region, where visitors can see various plants, flower and wildlife throughout the year!



Komatsu City is located in southern Ishikawa Prefecture, and the western part of the city faces the Japan Sea while the eastern part is mountainous. Since it is the home of world-famous construction equipment company Komatsu, there are many related companies and factories so the city is known as the top industrial city in the prefecture. Komatsu is the entrance city of the prefecture because there is Komatsu Airport. The industrial city has also a tasteful old townscape. In Awatsu Onsen area (hot spring town), there is the oldest hotel called Hoshi Ryokan, a popular place to stay for tourists.

Komatsu City is the industrial city filled with nature

The eastern part of the city center is mountainous and full of nature. There is a beautiful gorge where visitors can enjoy outdoor activities such as camping, BBQ while many restaurants serve dishes with fresh, locally produced edible wild plants. Maruyamacho-town is especially famous for skunk cabbage sight-seeing spot where many tourists visit. Another popular place to visit is Hanibe Cave which is a kind of theme park with an uncompleted Buddha statue. Komatsu City is also world-famous for Kutaniyaki ware which is a style of Japanese porcelain.

Popular Onsen (hot springs) place

Awatsu Onsen area has the oldest hotel called Hoshi Ryokan which has a history of over 1300 years. It is known as the world oldest hotel where many tourists visit from all over the world. Other than Awatsu Onsen area, Komatsu city is blessed with rich hot spring resources with many public baths in the city. Some apartments in the city are supplied with natural hot spring water from the tap.


Historical local food, Komatsu Udon noodles

Komatsu Udon was a specialty gift of the Kaga Domain (Kaga han) in the Edo period which was praised by Matsuo Basho who is the most famous poet of the Edo period in Japan. The noodles are distinctive for their soft and thin features served in a simple fish broth made with Hakusan subsoil water. While maintaining this traditional dish, there are many restaurants that serve the noodles in a more unique manner, so it will be fun to taste and compare different dishes.
There are other popular local dishes such as Komatsu salt flavored Yakisoba (fried noodles), deep fried crab shells and more!

Why don’t you visit Komatsu City which offers both, the cutting edge industrial side and historical places?


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