This video is showing not only the famous night view from Mt. Inasayama (Inasayama), and Mt.Nabekanmuri (Nabekamuriyama) but also spots that local people secretly enjoy. You will get to know how local people spend their every day in a hilly town.



Nagasaki city located in the northwestern part of Kyushu is a port city that has been prospering since trading started with foreign countries long time ago. In the Edo period when the Shogunate restricted trade with foreign countries, Dejima, a window of trade with overseas was established, allowing transport of Dutch and European goods and culture into Japan. It is famous for having many hills, and the night view seen from the top of a high mountain is highly evaluated. The unforgettable tragedy of atomic bombing killing tens of thousands of people will never be forgotten.

Access to Nagasaki City

By Airplane:
Approximately 1h 50 mins from Haneda Airport to Nagasaki Airport.
It takes about 40 mins to Nagasaki city by direct bus.

By Train:
Approximately 2 hours from Hakata Station to Nagasaki station by JR limited express.

Must visit place in Nagasaki City

Peace Park (Heiwa Kouen)
The Peace Park (Heiwa Kouen) was established in the hypocenter of the atomic bombing on August 9th, 1945 and around it.
The right hand of the famous “peace statue” points at the danger of nuclear weapons, the left hand symbolizes eternal peace. The Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum displays various items related to the bombing.


Oura Tensyudou
A catholic church built in 1865, the oldest Christian architecture existing in Japan. In 2018 it was added to World Heritage list as part of “Hidden Christian Sites in the Nagasaki Region.”

Must-eat food in Nagasaki City

A noodle dish, which meaning is “mix of a variety of things.” It became a local cuisine in many parts of Japan, but the Nagasaki Chanpon is the most well-known among others. Stir-frying pork, vegetables, Kamaboko, etc. with lard and cooked with pork bone and chicken broth soup adding a unique type of noodle using Touaku.

Must-buy souvenir in Nagasaki City

Rectangular shaped sponge cake made of egg, flour and sugar. Although you can taste it in many parts of Japan, Nagasaki was the first place Castella was introduced to. There are many famous Castella stores around in the city.

Must-see famous festival in Nagasaki

Nagasaki Kunchi
It is the festival of Suwa Shrine in Nagasaki, held from October 7th to 9th every year. Their large floats are unique as influenced by Europe, China, and South East Asia, especially the“Jyaodori” dragon dance is the famous one, manipulating the long dragon Mikoshi walking around the city.


It is a feature of Obon held on August 15th every year in Nagasaki City and other places in the prefecture. To mourn the spirit of the deceased, they create a handmade ship, pull it and deliberately walk through the city and send the dead off to the heaven. As the sun goes down, people carry firecrackers and gongs and shout with Kakegoe, “Dooi Dooi”.