Bungotakada city is located on the Kunisaki peninsula in the northern part of Oita Prefecture, facing the Sea of Suonada.

From Oita city, the center of the prefecture, it takes about an hour by car. In the video, we are introduced to attractive sightseeing spots.



The bebauty of Bungotakada city is that it is full of nature. Mountains stretch from east to south while also having two major parks, the Setonaikai National Park and the Kunisaki Hanto Prefectural Natural Park. Often referred to as the “Oita – the Onsen Prefecture” you can enjoy six distinctive hot springs in the city.

Access to Bungotakada city in Oita Prefecture

By Airplane:
Approximately 1h 30 mins from Haneda Airport to Oita Airport. It takes about 45 minutes to Bungotakada bus terminal by North Liner Airport Bus.

By train:
Approximately 1h 35mins from Hakata Station to Usa station by the Kagoshima Main Line (Kagoshima Honsen)/Nippou Main Lines(Nippou Honsen) limited express train.

Must visit place in Bungotakada City

“Showa no Machi”

Located in the central shopping street of Bungotakada city, created by the local business to bring back what the local Japanese town was like in the 30s during the Showa Period. 400,000 people visit this popular spot every year to experience the nostalgic cityscape and gadgets as well as gourmet, as if traveling back through time to the Showa period. You can also make a reservation for a local guide, taking you through every corner of the town.

Must-eat food in Bungotakada City

Bungotakada soba

Since the city has two buckwheat harvest seasons a year, you can enjoy Shin-soba (made from the newly harvested buckwheat) in July and November. You can enjoy the aroma of Shin-soba during hot summer season.

You can eat fresh soba with a little deterioration of quality because the whole production process of Soba is all done locally. With its own certified system, you can taste delicious Bungotakada soba at 12 restaurants.

Must-buy souvenir in Bungotakada city

Buckwheat noodles

Many souvenirs are using the famous Bungotakada soba, not only for dry noodle and raw soba sets, but also soba pasta, pan-fried soba noodle, soba crackers, etc.

Bungotakada City dialect

It is classified as the northern dialect of the Oita dialect. It is similar to the dialect of the Chugoku and Shikoku region.

Mona… Sugoku, Totemo

Bungotakada is an attractive tourist city where you can enjoy the old history and the atmosphere of the Showa era.