In Etajima City (Hiroshima Prefecture) is the First Service School of the Imperial Naval Academy. During the Meiji era, the Imperial Naval Academy was transferred from Tokyo to Etajima and became an aspirational ground for navy officer training schools.



Etajima city consists of islands in Seto Inland Sea. Etajima island and Nomi island are main islands and surrounded by small islands. The city has mountains and many hilly terrains and the scenery from the peak looking down onto Hiroshima Bay is a beautiful sightseeing spot. While walking along the beach, you come across various sea creatures including Horseshoe crabs and Fiddler crabs that have been designated as natural monuments. There are many things to do in the city such as canoeing, kayaking, and not to forget the local fresh seafood special to an island.


Access to Etajima city

Arriving by airplane:

Approximately 1h 25min from Haneda to Hiroshima Airport. About a 50min bus ride from Hiroshima Airport via the Sanyou Expressway to Hiroshima Port. Another 40mins from Hiroshima Port to Etajima by ferry.

Arriving by train:

Approximately 4hrs from Tokyo to Hiroshima Station by bullet train. 30 mins from Hiroshima station to Hiroshima port by street train. 40 mins from Hiroshima port to Etajima by ferry.


A must-see spot in Etajima city

Imperial Japanese Naval Academy


The Imperial Naval Academy used be in Tsukiji, Tokyo but moved to Etajima in 1888. The site is huge and there are old buildings which were built 100 years ago and the tour of the site is popular among tourists. Currently it’s a training facility for Maritime Self Defense Force.


A must-eat dish in Edajima city

Daizu Udon (Soybean Udon noodles)


Daizu Udon was made a long time ago when meat was not a popular food yet. Local added soybeans into the Udon noodle soup instead of meat.


A must-buy souvenir in Etajima city

Sweets made with local fruit


Being an island that floats on the Seto Inland Sea, Etajima has a unique and warm climate that iproduces of tangerines, olives and tomatoes as well as other delicious vegetables and fruits. Jam, dried fruit and sweets made with those fruits are popular souveniers.


「Hiroshima Kanko Navi」Hiroshima Prefecture official tourism information site.