This promotional movie tells us how dangerous texting while walking is by local people who live in the “town of walking” Sakacho-town. Too often do we text while walking in our daily lives, but it’s actually really dangerous. Texting while walking is currently a social issue nationwide. The promotional movie shows us the real danger behind texting while walking and how Sakacho-town tries to make streets and parks a safe walking zone and promotes the town as a “Safe Waling Town.”


Saka-cho town is adjunct to Hiroshima city and Kure city. The town is flourished as a commuter town because of the accessibility to those big cities. The town has both mountains and the sea, so outdoor activities and aquatic sports are popular things to do. Also there are many historical places to see such as the site of Takaoyama-jo Castle which was built in Muromachi period, Yahatayama Hachiman Jinja Shrine, Sairinji Temple, Shingu-sha Shrine, Ohtoshi-sha Shrine and more!

Access to Saka-cho town

Arriving by airplane:

Approximately 1h 25mins from Haneda Airport to Hiroshima Airport. It takes 45 mins from  Hiroshima Airport to “Hiroshima station bullet train exit” bus stop by taking the Airport Limousine. 16 mins from Hiroshima station to Saka station by JR Sanyo Honsen Line.

Arriving by train:

Approximately 4hrs from Tokyo to Hiroshima Station by bullet train. 16 mins from Hiroshima station to Saka station by JR Sanyo Honsen Line.

A must-see spot in Saka-cho town

Saka-cho Yokohama Park

Yokohama Park is located on a hill, and is known as the great scenic spot to see islands in Seto Inland Sea such as Edajima Island and Miyajima Island. Also, picnic and hiking in the beautiful scenery are popular activities throughout the year.

A must-eat dish in Saka-cho town

Nitari-Mochi (sweet potato cake)

Nitari-Mochi is a local food in Saka-cho, which has been eaten by locals for a long time. Since rice was hard to get at that time, people substituted the rice with sweet potatoes to make the rice cake.

A must-buy souvenir in Saka-cho town

Geishu Saka Udon noodles

The color of Saka Udon noodles looks like Soba (back wheat noodles) because it’s made with locally grown Murasaki-mugi (a kind of wheat). The popular Udon is tasty and very healthy because it’s rich in fiber.


Why don’t you visit Saka-town, the safe “Walking” town and enjoy its many attractions?


「Hiroshima Kanko Navi」Hiroshima Prefecture official tourism information site.