Otake City is well known for the popular tourist spot Mt. Mikuratake where you can experience proper mountain climbing. The surrounding is designated as a prefectural natural park equipped with mountain trails and camping sites, making it a popular place for hikers and campers.



Otake city is located in Southwestern Hiroshima Prefecture, adjacent to Yamaguchi Prefecture. The city is the very first place where petrochemical complexes was built in Japan and therefore has many pulp and paper mill factories, chemical fibers etc. making the city an the important place of Setonai Industrial area. As the industrial city, the night view of the industrial area is a must-see places in the city. Also handcrafts such as handmade Japanese paper and knives are domestically famous. On the other hand, Otake city has a rich nature and beautiful landscapes such as Kohira Renzan Mountains,Yasakakyo gorge and more!


Access to the center of Otake city

Arriving by airplane:
Approximately 1h 40min from Haneda Airport to Iwakuni Airport. 15 mins from “Iwakuni Kintaikyo bridge” bus stop to Iwakuni station by bus. 10 mins from Iwakuni station to Otake station by JR Sanyo Honsen Line.

Arriving by train:
Approximately 4h from Tokyo to Hiroshima Station by bullet train. 50 mins from Hiroshima station to Otake station by JR Sanyo Honsen Line.

A must-see spot in Otake city

Jagui Iwa

Jagui Iwa is a designated prefectural natural treasure, which are very rare and interesting shaped rocks and holes made by water erosion. Bathing in the river is popular in the summertime because of the gentle stream. Camping and BBQ are available as well.

A must-eat dish in Otake city

Photo provided by Otake city

Moburi (Cooked rice mixed with cooked and seasoned ingredients)

Moburi is a local food in Otake which has been eaten for a long time. The name of the dish derived from the verb “moburu” meaning “mix” because Moburi is made of rice mixed with chopped leftovers of new year dishes, including the popular Kuromame (black soybean).

A must-buy souvenir in Otake city

Otake Handmade Knives

Handmade Japanese knives from Otake city are designated prefectural traditional handcrafts. Inheriting a secret tradition, the sharpness, cutting quality and durability of Otake Knives come from a painstaking production process.


Why don’t you visit Otake city to feel the beautiful nature?


「Visit Hiroshima」Hiroshima Prefecture official tourism information site.