The happy song “Minamichita no Uta”, which goes “Chichichichi chitachita minamichita♪”, sang by the townspeople of Minamichita Town in Aichi Prefecture, introduces the lovely things about the town.



Minamichita is a town that faces the sea in Chita Peninsula in Aichi Prefecture. Many tourists from Japan and abroad also visit the islands of Himakajima and Shinojima, whose inhabitants are friendly.

You can of course enjoy the sea, but there are also cultural properties, which allow you to experience history. A house from the Meiji period, built by the prominent shipowner Sashichi Uchida, has been designated as an important cultural property of Japan.

Access to Minamichita

Arriving by airplane:

Around 1 hour from Haneda Airport to Chubu Centrair International Airport. Then, around 1 hour by train via Meitetsu Tokoname Line, Meitetsu Kowa Line and Meitetsu Chita New Line to Utsumi Station.

Arriving by train:

Around 45 minutes by train from Meitetsu Nagoya Station to Kowa Station.

Access to Himakajima and Shinojima:

10 minutes by high-speed craft from Morozaki.

Places to hang out in Minamichita

If you want to have fun with your family, you should head to Minamichita Beach Land!

What makes it different from normal aquariums is that you can actually touch the animals. You can also watch dolphin shows right in front of you, which is breathtaking. There is also a Toy Kingdom (Omocha Okoku) within the site, and you can find various toys to play with from companies like Lego, Tomica, and Licca-chan.

At Himakajima, there is a swing that looks like it’s straight from the opening sequence of the anime “Heidi, Girl of the Alps”. Swinging the long swing while facing the sea makes for a perfect picture.

In addition, you can try catching octopus and fish, as well as try making dried fish.

Unique dishes of Minamichita

Here, we will introduce the popular local dishes of Minamichita, which catches plenty of marine products.

If you want to try some luxury food, we recommend the luxurious fugu (puffer fish), which can only be eaten from October until March.

Something that can be enjoyed all year in Himakajima is octopus! It is said that countries that eat octopus are rare, but you should definitely try the elastic octopus.

If you are looking for sweet food, you should try raw senbei (rice cracker), which is rare even within Japan. It has a springy texture like mochi (rice cakes), and has a sweet taste that is unlike normal senbei.

Contrary to other prefectures, sweet miso is loved in Aichi Prefecture. You should eating cutlets or fried prawns with plenty of sweet miso on top.

Dialect in Minamichita

The change of the ending of the words is characteristic to dialects from Aichi Prefecture. Things like “daraa” or “-rin” are attached to the ends of the words.


Yawakucha…Very, extremely

Dachikan…No good, not allowed



Please visit Minamichita, which is a town with fresh fragrance of tides in the air.