Oiso Town is located in the south-central part of Kanagawa Prefecture, with the southern part facing Sagami Bay. The town is very hilly, with around 60% of the area made up of hills. It is also the place where the first seaside resort of Japan was opened, which is what made Shonan area famous. Tokaido crosses the town from east to west, and during the Edo period the town prospered as a post station.



From the Meiji period until the Showa period Oiso Town was also a popular area of holiday homes for important people like former ministers. The charm of this town is that you can enjoy different types of scenery within the same town, since there are mountains to the north, and sea to the south.

Access to Oiso Town

Arriving by car: 1 hour and 20 minutes from Tokyo via Tomei Expressway.
Arriving by train: Around 1 hour from Tokyo Station to Oiso Station via Tokaido Main Line heading towards Atami.

Must-see Spots to Visit When Visiting Oiso Town

Komayama is a mountain that made it to the “Top 100 list of Japanese nature that should be preserved in the 21st century”. A stretch of land on the mountain that has a preserved virgin forest of broad-leaved trees was designated as a forest of Komayama citizens, and it is also a popular hiking course. During the Sengoku period it was also used as a mountain castle, and there are still some remains of the castle left here and there in the forest.

Oiso Long Beach
Oiso Long Beach is a leisure facility that is located at the southern coastline. It has a huge outdoor pool where you can view the scenery of Sagami Bay, restaurant and shopping facilities, as well as accommodation, all in one big place. It has gained popularity as a resort that can easily be visited, since it is so close to the city center.

Must-eat Dishes to Order When Visiting Oiso Town

“Kamabaki Kuni Yoshi” is a famous eel restaurant, which used to be an inn during the Edo period. It is said that even the last shogun of the Edo shogunate, Tokugawa Yoshinobu visited the restaurant. You can enjoy meaty eels that are said to have been raised for four times longer than normal eels.

Must-get Souvenirs to Buy When Visiting Oiso Town

Kamaboko (steamed seasoned fish paste) from Oiso Inoue Kamabokoten
This old kamaboko shop was established during the Meiji period in 1878. Following the traditions from the old days, most of the food is still handmade. Because the kamaboko are handmade, they have a unique and detailed texture, which makes them exquisite.

Shonan Red (Onion)
Shonan Red is an onion, which has a characteristic vivid purplish red color. Instead of being spicy, it is sweet and juicy, so it is suitable for eating raw.

The Dialect of Oiso Town

Just like Gunma dialect and Saitama dialect, the dialect spoken in Oiso Town is a type of western Kanto dialect.

Harakkaa da … Very strange
〇〇be yo … 〇〇da yo (to emphasize something)


Oiso Town is a charming place, where you can enjoy Shonan-like sea, and beautiful mountains at the same time.