Recently, director Hirokazu Kore’eda’s “Shoplifters” won the Palme d’Or Award at the Cannes Film Festival. Director Kore’eda is gaining a lot of attention now, but did you know that he was also directing a movie called “Our Little Sister” (jap. Umimachi Diary), which was shot in Kamakura?



The plot of Our Little Sister

Three sisters who live in Kamakura receive news that their dad, who left the house long time ago, has passed away.
At the funeral, they meet a fourth sister, who has a different mother. The three sisters invite the fourth sister, who has already lost both of her parents, to live together with them in Kamakura, and the new life of the four sisters begins.
It is a story about the four sisters, each with their own secrets, who throughout the year become a family.
Ms. Akimi Yoshida’s manga “Umimachi Diary” is the original work, and in the movie the four sisters are played by beautiful actresses who represent Japan.

The setting of the film – Tourist spots in Kamakura

A very charming and nostalgic way to explore Kamakura is to ride the Enoshima Electric Railway, which also makes an appearance in the film.
You can view Kamakura’s beautiful ocean from the window. Since it takes only 15 minutes by foot to reach Yuigahama Beach from Kamakura Station, in July and August the trains are bustling with people who are heading to the beach to swim.
If you are visiting Kamakura, you must visit Kotoku-in Temple to see the Great Buddha of Kamakura! It really packs a punch, measuring 11.3 meters in height, and 121 metric tons in weight.
Hokoku-ji Temple makes you feel like you have come to another world with its bamboo thickets. There are tea houses where you can enjoy tea while watching bamboos.
Let’s enjoy some Matcha tea, while being surrounded by this peaceful scenery.
Sasuke Inari Shrine is said to be beneficial for successful life or business. There are countless bright red Torii gates that you pass through when you approach the shrine.

Let’s eat while walking around Kamakura

Komachi Street is very close when you get off at JR Kamakura Station. This is a great place to try some Kamakura delicacies while walking around.
Asahina is a place that specializes in popular deep-fried hot Kamabokos, that are made of steamed surimi (minced fish mashed into a paste). There are a lot of different flavors, such as octopus, great burdock, and curry, so it is fun testing a few of them.
Kamakura Croquette Torigoya sells fried crispy croquettes! The stand sells croquettes with rare flavors like Japanese sour plums and chocolate.
If you are looking for some dessert, we recommend trying chocolate from “cacao”, which is a shop that specializes in “nama” chocolate (a Japanese style ganache). The nama chocolate that is made from rare cocoa beans called Komachi Street’s Ishidatami (lit. stone pavement). There is also a popular chocolate drink that is perfect for drinking while walking around.