Miyagi Prefecture is located next to the Pacific Ocean in the Tohoku region. The prefecture is surrounded by lush nature, which makes it a treasure house of food, since you can enjoy not just seafood, but food from the mountains, and the vast land. Miyagi is home to Sasanishiki and Hitomebore varieties of rice, which are famous brands nationwide. Because it is close to Sanriku off coast fishing grounds, which is one of the world’s top three fishing spots, there are 142 fishing ports within the prefecture. Here, we will introduce foods from Miyagi Prefecture, also known as the food kingdom, because there are so many delicious cuisines.



Miyagi has many fishing ports, such as Kesennuma and Shiogama fishing port.

For a long time, Miyagi caught the most skipjack tuna in Japan, and during the skipjack tuna season from spring to autumn, the fishing ports get really lively.

The first skipjack tuna that is caught from May until June is called Hatsu-gatsuo, and it is light in taste. We recommend trying out “tataki”, where you grill the surface of the fish over a fire!

The skipjack tuna that is caught from July is called Modori-gatsuo, and it is oily and has a rich taste, so you should eat it as is, without grilling it over fire.


Fruit recommendations in Miyagi Prefecture

Miyagi Prefecture has not just seafood, but also delicious food from the mountains.

One of these unique foods is Japanese pear that is grown by making use of the melting snow at the foot of Mount Zao. Popular pear varieties include kosui, which is soft and sweet, and hosui, which is juicier than kosui, and a bit sour.

From August until around October, many plantations within the prefecture offer fruit-picking experiences, where you can enjoy picking and eating pears.


Local cuisine in Miyagi Prefecture


Harako-meshi is a local dish, where salmon, that is caught in autumn, and salmon roe is simmered in light soy sauce, and put on cooked rice. There is an anecdote that says that even Date Masamune, who is a feudal lord that lived during the Sengoku period, was astonished by its delicious taste.


Beef tongue is a cuisine from Sendai that is famous nationwide. The beef tongue is carefully aged and roasted to make a dish that goes well together with Miyagi rice.


Souvenir recommendations

Zunda Mochi

When it comes to souvenirs, we recommend sweets that use Zunda, which is a famous product from Sendai!

Zunda is a pale green sweet bean paste made of mashed green soybeans mixed with sugar. It has very bright appearance. From way back, there has been a major Japanese confectionery called Zunda Mochi, which is Zunda on Mochi (sticky rice cake). Recently, plenty of different types of Zunda items have been introduced to the market, such as Zunda shakes, Zunda pudding, and Zunda Swiss rolls, so how about try searching for your favorite one?


Why not come to Miyagi Prefecture, which has plenty of delicious cuisines to eat throughout the year?