Selected and designated as one of the most romantic spots throughout the nation, Jinsekikogen-cho town is designated as such “Lover’s Sanctuaries” and this promotional movie introduces many must-see places, restaurants, facilities and activities! No doubt, you’ll feel like visiting the area with your lover right away! There are still many people who don’t know what kind of place insekikogen-cho town is! Let’s take a closer look.



Jinsekikogen-cho town is located in middle eastern Hiroshima Prefecture and is adjunct to Okayama Prefecture. The town is in a highland topography of 400m to 700m in altitude, made of basalt and red soil. Taishakyukyo Gorge is the best place to visit, which is designated as a national special scenic spot. There are also many historical spots, temples and shrines. Since there is no rail station, it generally needs to be accessed either from stations from surrounding cities or by car.

Access to Jinsekikogen-cho town

Arriving by airplane:
Approximately 1h 25mins from Haneda Airport to Hiroshima Airport. 1 hour from Hiroshima Airport to Fukuyama station by taking the Airport Limousine bus. 50 mins from Fukuyama station to the center of Jinsekikogen-cho town by bus or taxi.

Arriving by train:
Approximately 3hrs 45 mins from Tokyo to Fukuyama Station by bullet train. 50 mins from Fukuyama station to the center of Jinsekikogen-cho town by bus or taxi.

A must-see spot in Jinsekikogen-cho town

Taishakukyo Gorge

Taishakukyo Gorge is a 18 kilometer-long canyon designated as a National Scenic Beauty. There are many breathtaking scenic spots such as the limestone cave, Onbashi, the natural bridge made by a stream erosion, Shinryuko lake, waterfalls and more! Taishakukyo Gorge shows us different scenery throughout the year and a lot of activities can be enjoyed like canoeing, kayaking and trekking.

A must-eat dish in Jinsekikogen-cho town

Jinseki Beef

Jinseki beef is an original cattle of nationally famous wagyu beef from Hiroshima. The meat is tender, mild and tasty. It can be eaten as steak, BBQ and there are also many places that serve Ramen noodles with the bone broth of Jinseki beef, a very popular dish.

A must-buy souvenir in Jinsekikogen-cho town


Since Jinsekikogen-cho town is known as a famous production area of Konnyaku (jelly-like food made from arum root starch), Konnyaku products are popular as a souvenir such as Konnyaku flour, Konnyaku ramen, known as healthy food.


Why don’t you take tour of historical places in Jinsekikogen-cho town?


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