The promotional movie introduces us to Miyoshi City in Hiroshima. The movie shows us a lot of must-see places such as Okuda Genso Sayume Art Museum which is dedicated to the work of locally-born Nihonga painter Okuda Genso and his wife Sayume, a Sea of cloud from Mt. Takatani-yama, Miyoshi Winery and more! There are still many people who don’t know what kind of place Miyoshi City is! Let’s have a closer look!


Miyoshi City is located in the north of Hiroshima prefecture and has been developed as an important places for the economy, culture and transportation between Sanin area and Sanyo area. The foggy sea is one of the most popular sightseeing spots in Miyoshi City for tourists. The phenomenon occurs from autumn to early spring only in the early morning. Other than that, in Miyoshi City, there so many activities and must-see places such as beautiful scenery of Gonokawa river and Mt. Takatani yama, winery tour, hot springs and more!

Access to Miyoshi City

Arriving by airplane:

Approximately 1h 20min from Haneda Airport to Hiroshima Airport. It takes 45 mins from the airport to Hiroshima station by Limousine line. It takes approx. 2hrs from Hiroshima station to Miyoshi station by JR Geibi line.

Arriving by train:

Approximately 4hrs from Tokyo station to Hiroshima station by bullet train, then transfer to JR Gebi line for another 2hrs to Miyoshi station.

A must-see spot in Miyoshi City

Joseidaki falls

Joseidaki falls is the only waterfall in Hiroshima Prefecture designated as the 100 best waterfalls in Japan and Hiroshima Prefecture’s scenic spot in 1960. It’s an amazing 126 meters-high and different views can be enjoyed every season.

A must-eat dish in Miyoshi City

Wani cuisine

The Japanese word “wani” means crocodile but in Miyoshi dialect it means “shark.” Since Miyoshi City is located in a mountainous area, sharks have been eaten as a precious fish because it doesn’t go bad quickly. Shark can be prepared in many ways like Sashimi, deep fried, stir fried, grilled and more!

A must-buy souvenir in Miyoshi City


Miyoshi City is such a blessed city with great nature and known as the best producer of grapes in Hiroshima Prefecture. The city is the very first place which started producing wine in the prefecture decades ago. It’s a brand new industry in Hiroshima but the wine from Miyoshi City has won prizes and the number of fans are increasing. The winery tour is popular for tourists too, and kids and people who don’t drink alcohol can taste grape juice.

The dialect in Miyoshi City

The dialects of Hiroshima Prefecture are classified into Aki dialect and Bingo dialect and the dialect in Miyoshi City is a kind of Bingo dialect.

Kinsai … welcome / come here

Why don’t you visit Miyoshi, the city that offers different activities and sightseeing spots?

「Hiroshima Kanko Navi」Hiroshima Prefecture official tourism information site.