Onomichi City where is designated as Japan Heritage and used to be called “Western Kyoto”. Hiroshima CAT STREET VIEW – Onomichi Version is a promotional movie that shows around Onomichi City from cats’ eye view. Cats’ eyes capture peaceful and nostalgic scenery of Onomichi, cute cats that hang around in small alleys, tasteful townscape and more fascination of Onomichi.There are still many people who don’t know what kind of place Onomichi City is! We would like to introduce Onomichi City in an easy -to-understand manner. What kind of place is Onomichi City?



Onomichi city is located in east part of the Prefecture, faces Seto Inland Sea with warm weather. The city has been prosperous as an important place to connect between Sanin region and Shikoku region. Onomichi city is divided into two regions where are north part called “Onomichi area” and sea side part called “Shimanami area”. Most of the city is mountainous area, that has many temples and the area was called “West Kyoto”. There are many slopes in the city, that consists nostalgic atmosphere with old houses and temples on small alleys. The beautiful townscape of Onomichi was designated Japan heritage as “A Miniature Garden City from the Middle Ages Built Around the Onomichi Channel”, and was the stage of some movies. The attraction of Onomichi is not only the townscape, but there are more fun activities such as cycling on Shimanami Kaido on a sunny day.

Access to Onomichi city

Arriving by airplane:
Approximately 1h 20 mins from Haneda Airport to Hiroshima Airport and 55 mins from Hiroshima Airport to Onomichi station by taking Onomichi bus.

Arriving by train:
Approximately 3 hrs 40 mins from Tokyo station to Fukuyama station by Nozomi bullet train, and 20 mins by JR Sanin Honsen line from Fukuyama station to Onomichi station.

Arriving by bus:

Approximately 11 hrs 10 mins from Shinjuku station to Onomichi station by highway bus.

A must-see spot in Onomichi city

The townscape of Onomichi

Strolling the photogenic city is one of the activities you should do in Onomichi. There are still nice and retro houses and buildings that makes the townscape nostalgic with old temples, in Onomichi city where has been stages of some movies. The city has many small alleys on slopes, the scenery from the top of the hill is so tasteful, and the night view from Jodoji temple is amazing too. Recently, some stylish cafes and shops which were renovated old houses newly opened in this neighborhood. Especially an alley called “Neko no Hosomichi (Cat alley)” is popular place to walk for fans of art.

A must-eat dish in Onomichi city

Onomichi Ramen

Since the city faces Seto Inland Sea, fresh seafood is one of the must-eat local food but also Onomichi ramen is popular local food nationwide. The characteristics of Onomichi ramen are flat ramen noodles in clear soy sauce soup topped with minced pork back fat. There are many ramen shops not only the originator “Shukaen” in the city, and you can also get pre-cooked ramen for souvenirs. If you are a ramen lover, you should try the local ramen!

A must-buy souvenir in Onomichi city


Debera is a dried fish which has been eaten in Onomichi since Edo period. Usually it’s dried but only in winter, Sashimi is available in Onomichi. It’s also popular for souvenir.

The dialect in Onomichi city

The dialect of Hiroshima Prefecture is classified into Aki dialect and Bingo dialect, and Bingo dialect is mainly spoken in Onomichi city. We would like to introduce some original expressions in the city.

itashii … difficult
kyotei … scary
banko … often
yanyan … older brother (actual sibling)
yoru … sayng something
Why dont’t you visit Onomichi city to stroll the townscape of japan heritage?


「Hiroshima Kanko Navi」Hiroshima Prefecture official tourism information site.