The promotional movie introduces Mihara City, Hiroshima Prefecture which is the entrance to Seto Inland Sea. Mihara’s traditional handcraft Daruma doll looking mascot named “Miharakki” and two of Mihara Miss Yassa girls show us Mihara’s must-see spots such as Mihara Castle Remains which is the only castle remains that has a station above, Mihara’s specialty octopus dishes, beautiful scenery of islands from Mt. Fudekage and more. At the end of the movie, the mayor of the city suddenly shows up and says that Miharakki is not an official mascot!! Miharakki is shocked!!



There are still many people who don’t know what kind of place Mihara city is! Let us introduce you to what kind of place is Mihara City is located in the southern part of the prefecture, in between Bingo and Aki area. The city is blessed with warm weather, ocean and mountains and many tourists visit the city because Hiroshima Airport is located in the city. There are so many activities which can be fun for any generation. Fruit picking and BBQ at Kajitsu no Mori Park, sea bathing at Sunami Kaihin Park in the summertime, visiting Buttsuji Temple where Baseball players of Hiroshima Carp visit are just a few among the list!

Access to Takehara city

Arriving by airplane:
Approximately 1h 20min from Haneda Airport to Hiroshima Airport. It takes 40 mins from Hiroshima Airport to Mihara station by bus.

Arriving by train:
Approximately 3hrs 40 mins from Tokyo station to Fukuyama station by Nozomi bullet train. It takes 20 mins from Fukuyama station to Mihara station by Kodama bullet train.

Arriving by bus:
Approximately 11hrs 10 mins from Shinjuku station to Mihara station by taking the highway bus.

A must-see spot in Mihara city

Mt. Fudekageyama

It’s a beautiful spot where the scenery of many islands of the Seto Inland Sea can be observed. Mt. Fudekageyama is 311meters high and the peak of the mountain is known as the best spot to see cherry blossoms in the springtime. Also hiking in the spring and summertime, seeing leaves change in autumn and fantastic ocean fog in the wintertime are popular for tourists. Especially the ocean fog in winter attracts many people incluing photographers. It cannot be seen every day but it’s one of the must-sees of Mihara city.

A must-eat dish in Mihara city


Since Mihara city faces Seto Inland Sea, fresh seafood is highly recommended, especially octopus because the city is known as the best place for catching octopus. Many restaurants serve varieties of Octopus dishes such as Sashimi, Takomeshi (Octopus rice), Takoyaki, Tempura and more! Also, Octopus snacks and products are popular for souvenirs.

A must-buy souvenir in Mihara city


Mihara city is a great place to taste good Sake. It goes well with Octopus dishes. The history of Sake brewing in Mihara city has started in the Sengoku period. There used to be more than 10 brewers in the past but currently only Suishin Yamane Honten exists. You can enjoy a brewer tour as well.

The dialect in Mihara city

The dialects of Hiroshima Prefecture are classified into Aki dialect and Bingo dialect, and Aki dialect is mainly spoken in Mihara city but the location is in between Bingo area and Aki area, there are some expressions affected from Bingo dialect. Also, there are unique expressions spoken only in Mihara city.

Tegou … helping, giving hands

Why don’t you visit Mihara city from where you can observe the beautiful scenery of islands in Seto Inland Sea?

「Hiroshima Kanko Navi」Hiroshima Prefecture official tourism information site.