Tokyo is known as the world famous cutting-edge metropolis. However, did you know that Tokyo actually has a rich nature as well? We would like to introduce “TAMASHIMA” which consists Tama area and Shima of Tokyo, where are blessed with rich nature. Tama area refers to the scenery of mountains and Shima area refers to islands of Tokyo. TAMASHIMA is such a blessed places with rich natural ingredients which you are not able to taste in urban life.



This TAMASHIMA promotional movie “Local Food” introduces traditional dishes and varieties of their local food!

Taste of TAMA area

ozawa brewing © TCVB

“Fussa Dog” is a local style hot dog which is a hybrid food of America and Fussa City. Each shop has a different flavor. There is another local food called Fussa burger as well. You can also see a traditional Sake brewery in the city that was established in 1822.

“Yaokyu” is a restaurant located near Mitake Station, Ome City serves Mitake Dango Soup which became a popular local food in recent years. Since the owner’s family has run a vegetable store for 3 generations, they serve dishes with carefully selected ingredients. Also, Ome City is notorious for Soba noodles as well.

You can taste fresh locally produced vegetables in Hinode-cho town. Currently Red colored Udon noodles at Panorama Shokudo restaurant have become popular in Hinode-cho town, made from locally produced tomatoes. Panorama Shokudo restaurant also serves soft-serve ice cream made with the milk from Fukushima Farm of Hinode-cho, topped with local blueberry sauce as well.

A taste of SHIMA area

A local food of volcanic island Aogashima is steamed food with geothermy. You can steam whatever you want with geothermal steamer. Another local taste of Aogashima is Aochu which is spirit distilled from locally produced sweet potatoes and used to be homemade in each family long time ago.

Must-eat dishes in SHIMA area are Shima-zushi and Ashitaba leaves (Angelica keiskei) dish. You can eat Shima-zushi at any island in SHIMA area. Shima-zushi is Sushi which features soy sauce marinated fresh raw fish and can be eaten with Japanese mustard instead of Wasabi and/or sometimes Shima Togarashi hot pepper. Ashitaba leaves (Angelica keiskei) dishes are also famous on any island in SHIMA area. Ashitaba leaves can be deep fried as Tenpura, topped on Soba or Udon noodles and more!

Why don’t you try the fresh local taste of TAMASHIMA?